Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mass Hysteria Fantasy Football Preview: Week 11

Week 11 is upon, games starting in a little over an hour. Lets take a sneak preview at this weeks matchups. Instead of putting up snarky pictures about the comments, I am putting up girls in bikinis for the graphics. ENJOY!!

Fat Drunk and Stupid over Eat Seventeen Beers- Looking at the Yahoo projections you would think this would be the complete opposite, but like everything else in the sports world I think they are going to be wrong with this. I am going to go with the "Lil Wayne Factor" to lift FDS, you see the South's greatest rapper was sporting the Chris Johnson this week on the Country Music Awards, so I project CJ to have at least 200 yards and three touchdowns you dig? Plus Pepster's Gay Avatar is bound to cause his demise soon after.

Plaschke's Penis over CockFlashLisaOlson- Again I could go with GHABBY's new found Gay Avatar, or the fact he is starting Tony Romo against the Redskins. FutureMr.JessicaSimpson is going to have a rougher nite then FutureMrsRickAnkiel on a sailor forlough. GHABBY also has a laundry list of great character players: Brandon Marshall, Marshawn Lynch, and Jeremy Shockey.

Fightin Amalies over LessthanJakeDelhomme- There is one reason and one reason alone that DaveR is going to win this matchup. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU START TYLER THIGPEN???????? Though starting Josh Morgan who has an "O" next to his name is as equally a stellar move. I believe the O stands for outstanding.

OsiHumanUrine over Peyton's Infected Sac- Hmmm why do I think SmartyBarrett will win? .........Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matt RyanMatt RyanMatt RyanMatt RyanMatt RyanMatt RyanMatt RyanMatt RyanMatt RyanMatt Ryan

FutureMrWillaFord over My Little Ponies- Picking Rocco in this one was tough, because he left "101" Matt Cassel on his bench. BuTotally off topic story: One of my friends in college was sleeping with a guy named Rocco, who used to scream his own name out during sex. So whenever I see Rocco post a comment, I too like to scream ROCCO!

Hanging with Mr Dungy over RubberFistingMittens- This is definitely a statement game for FutureMrsRickAnkiel. What kind of statement is she trying to send? Who the hell knows. She has no starting QB, her starting WR is also named "empty", which will send Future to a whopping 0 points. Which is a shame because HWMRD is starting Noodledick.

The Wild Card over Norfolk & Way- The good versus the bad, 8-2 vs 2-7-1. If NW somehow pulls off a win here, I will swallow a bottle of tabasco sauce, I am that confident Wild Card is going to win. Plus starting The Law Firm of BJGE was a pretty bad move, giving him a whopping 1 point.

Well there you have it, your fantasy preview for the week, just in time for the 1 oclock kick offs. In case you were curious I am a gigantic loser and did not attend the Hooters party last night, for reasons I can not divulge here (Due to threat of castration).


GHABB,Y~! said...

Um, does your avatar have a lucha mask? Didn't. Fucking. Think. So.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

I'm setting my roster now, asshat.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

What the hell is "mastubation"? Badd spel!

Mathemagician said...

Win by +100 points = no tabasco sauce for HzMLS.

C'mon Roy Williams, give me first place overall!!

Grimey said...

And that's how the fuck you can start Tyler Thigpen.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Haze, you silly bitch. I told Grimey to start Thigpen. His stats have been terrific lately... coming into today, he'd thrown 6 TDs without a single pick through 3 games. For the guy who was falling all over himself to crown Matt Cassel the next Tom Brady this week, you're being awfully judgmental ;)

Rocco said...

In my defense, I took the advice of a KSK commentor to start Favre over Cassel. I also wanted to start Jonathan Stewart over LT, and should have. Oh well, unless Jamal Lewis puts up 150 tonight I'm ok.

And HMLS, dude, please don't yell out my name. That makes me feel gay from like 500 miles away.

Oh, and not to steal the thunder from you fine Bostonians, but if you listen to the audio vault on, specifically the Whiner Line, you'll get an idea of what kind of fucktards we have here in Buffalo.