Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Happy Election Day my faithful brothers and sisters in hysteria!! All political leanings aside today is going to be an exciting day both on MH and in the United States. Today will be the last day we are forced to listen to John Sunnunu and Jeanne Shaheen ads!! I know I know, the New Hampshire Senatorial Race was critical to all of us who live in Massachusetts, but in the end we all learned one thing: They both love themselves some Bush. Personally I am going to miss the attack ads, and Sunnunu's cute little blazers and glasses.

If you watched Monday Night Football last night you got to see a treat, and by treat I mean a defensive battle with not alot of scoring, and Byron Leftwich. I fell asleep at halftime, and when I awoke to see Leftwich at QB I thought I had either died or was having some sort of bad nightmare. It's hard to believe this guy can still find a job, was Aaron Brooks busy? But he did what he needed to do last night going 7-10 with a touchdown pass. I also missed the hard hitting interview with Chris Berman and presidential hopefuls Barack "HUSSEIN, HE IS MUSLIM!!!!!!" Obama and John "AMERICAN HERO!!!" McCain (sorry woke up to D+C this morning again).

Things were very quiet on the Boston sports front last night. I noticed on MH we failed to mention that the Sox resigned Tim Wakefield to another 1 year 4 mil contract, with a team option for 2010 (which we can continue to do until his knuckling arm falls off). One of the best bargains in baseball. Think of how many other players make more than that any suck substantially more, Julio Lugo for one. Edgar Renteria, or even Nomar Garciaparra. We already have 4/5ths of our rotation set for next year: Dice K, Beckett, Lestah, and Wakefield. Who do we have at #5, someone from within (Michael Bowden, or shudder Clay Buccholz?) or sign a FA pitcher to a 1 year deal?

Anyways just some opening thoughts for the day, there is a Patriots game recap going up around lunchtime and expect some love from the other editors around here as well. I apologize for being absent yesterday, work got the best of me. Get out and vote, because it's important and stuff.


SmartyBarrett said...

RE: 2009 Sox Rotation...I know I'm in the minority on this one (at least I think I am), but I would like to see them move Masterson back into a starting role.

futuremrsrickankiel said...


[does bong hit]


Anonymous said...

Dennis and Callahan can fuck themselves in each others asses sideways with an 18-wheeler, while choking the rotting corpse of Reagan, after being whipped with a bamboo stick across the face 1,000 times.

They'd probably like it.. asstards.