Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight: DON'T MISS A F--KING MINUTE!

Bruins v. Canadiens, 7:00 pm. Les Habitants (9-2-2) make their first visit to the Garden of the season tonight to face a 9-3-3 Bruins team that's on a 4-game streak of kicking ass and taking names. Our lone previous match-up against Montreal in October saw us drop like so many prepubescent panties at a John Mayer concert in a shootout... but, say I, the Bruins have overcome their shootout woes of late and I am 110% sure that tonight will bring nothing but glorious black-and-gold victory. Foppish young netminder Carey Price has won 7 straight regular season games against Boston, which means he's just about due to cough one up. It's all in the numbers, people.

Patriots v. Jets, 8:30 pm. Oh, hey! Have you heard? The Patriots are struggling a little bit this year following an injury to one of their players (a linebacker I think, maybe). Also, the Jets got this new quarterback, who used to play for another team but is still pretty good. I think the two teams might even be in the same division, and have pretty similar records, or something like that. I dunno. It's kind of neat, anyway. Sure hope it'll be on TV!

Frivolous Wager of the Night: Hey! I betcha Brett Favre'll git out there and throw a rull great game!

Serious Prediction of the Night: FUCK YOU MONTREAL. A huge goal from Michael Ryder against his old team, and Big George gets his ass handed to him by Milan Lucic. 4-3 Bruins.


Mathemagician said...

4 minutes into the second period, and the Bruins have the makings of an epic beatdown!


stanley cup of chowder said...


Nice prediction only substitute 6 for 4, 1 for 3, Thornton for Ryder, and Komisarek for Big George. I know Lucic is fearless but he isn't stupid, he wants no part of Georges Laraque and I don't blame him.

Mathemagician said...

23 points from 16 games, second best goal differential in the NHL (and a Sharks loss later on tonight would put us in first), recent beatdowns of the Sabres and Canadiens, the only other two contenders in the's getting tough to keep my expectations for the Bruins tempered and reasonable.

GHABB,Y~! said...

Wait, we have a Stephanie on our team? Is she as hot as Stephanie Tanner (before the meth addiction)? Has anyone broken the news to Manon Rheaume?

Rocco said...

I may be more excited for Bruins fans this year than for the Sox finally getting the upper hand on the Yankees, the Celtics beating the Lakers, and the Pats, well, whatever, they've just been better than the AFC East for a decade.

Sabres-Bruins-Habs should be a great race.

Maybe Tommy from Quinzee has a cousin Timmy from Worcester who has something to say.