Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Your Division Series Prediction Round-Up

The Division Series' are about to begin! Here's what the masses are saying:


Jay Jaffe, Baseball Prospectus: Phillies in 4.
Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports: Phillies in 4.
Gordon Edes, Yahoo! Sports: Phillies in 4.
Rob Neyer, ESPN: Phillies in 4.
Keith Law, ESPN: Phillies in 4.
Tony Massarotti, Boston Globe: Phillies in 5.
Amalie Benjamin, Boston Globe: Phillies in 4.
Mark Townsend, Bugs and Cranks: Phillies in 4.

Hazel Mae's Landing Strip: Is CC Sabathia pitching all 5 games? He very possibly could. But with Gallardo pitching for the first time in like 6 months I don't think this series matches well for the Brew Crew. Phils in 5.

Smarty Barrett: I think they should just call off the games and decide the outcome with an eating contest - Ryan Howard vs. C.C. Sabathia. For some reason, I just don't trust the Phils pitching. Moyer is so old he doesn't even know where he is or what team he plays for, and Myers is only successful when he pretends the mitt is his wife's face. Brewers in 5.

A Pimp Named DaveR: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Phillies.


Christina Kahrl, Baseball Prospectus: Cubs in 5.
Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports: Cubs in 5.
Gordon Edes, Yahoo! Sports: Cubs in 4.
Rob Neyer, ESPN: Cubs in 3.
Keith Law, ESPN: Cubs in 4.
Tony Massarotti, Boston Globe: Cubs in 4.
Amalie Benjamin, Boston Globe: Cubs in 5.
Mark Townsend, Bugs and Cranks: Cubs in 5.

Hazel Mae's Landing Strip: I want to see Manny beat the Cubs, just so I can watch Zach Martin flip a shit. Nothing says post season like a Cubs swan dive. Dodgers in 4.

Smarty Barrett: As much as I'd love to see Joe Torre's calm eyes and Bigelow tea lead the Dodgers onward so Yankees fans will flip a shit, I like the Cubs in 4.

A Pimp Named DaveR: Until right now, I was not actually aware there were other teams in the NL besides the Phillies and the occasional exhibition squad getting swept by the Red Sox in the World Series. Huh! How long has this been going on? Anyhow, cubs are small juvenile bears, whereas dodgers are people who went to Canada to avoid Vietnam. If they can escape from the U.S. Army, then tiny little bears shouldn't be a problem, right?

Red Sox/Angels

Joe Sheehan, Baseball Prospectus: Red Sox in 4.
Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports: Angels in 5.
Gordon Edes, Yahoo! Sports: Angels in 5.
Rob Neyer, ESPN: Red Sox in 5.
Keith Law, ESPN: Red Sox in 4.
Tony Massarotti, Boston Globe: Angels in 4.
Amalie Benjamin, Boston Globe: Red Sox in 5.
Mark Townsend, Bugs and Cranks: Red Sox in 4.

Hazel Mae's Landing Strip: OK I have gotten the reputation on this site of being a pessimist. And things aren't going to change here. The Sox are beat up, playing the best team in the league, and this reeks of 2005 all over again (just with better pitching). Angels in 5.

Smarty Barrett: The more I hear about the roster and the health of everyone (especially Beckett), the more confident I get. Sticking with the Sox in 5.

A Pimp Named DaveR: I think the Sox are in better physical shape than people are giving them credit for, and that the Angels aren't as healthy as people think. Still, this is a very close series that is in my mind too close to call. Therefore, I predict that the series will be split 2-2 and tied up in the 9th inning of Game 5, when the pyros will go off, the music will come up, Jim Ross will yell "OH MY GOD -- THAT'S MANNY RAMIREZ'S MUSIC!!!!!", and Manny, Nomar, and Derek Lowe -- the reunited nWo -- will come out and deliver a beatdown to both teams, stealing the ALDS champion belt and throwing down a challenge to the Undertaker to face them at Hell In A Cell.

White Sox/Rays

Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports: Rays in 4.
Rob Neyer, ESPN: Rays in 4.
Keith Law, ESPN: Rays in 3.
Tony Massarotti, Boston Globe: Rays in 4.
Amalie Benjamin, Boston Globe: Rays in 3.
Mark Townsend, Bugs and Cranks: Rays in 3.

(note: some sites do not have predicions for this series yet)

Hazel Mae's Landing Strip: Rays have better pitching, better hitting and fewer fans. Plus I salivate at the opportunity to watch Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen fail. It's one of the few things in life that still makes me smile. Rays in 3.

Smarty Barrett: In the 7th inning stretch of Game 2, Evan Longoria will learn that Future Mrs. Rick Ankiel is carrying his child. He will go 6-6 the rest of the series. Rays in 3.




What say you?


Zach Martin said...

HMLS - thank you, friend.

If '03 says anything, there will probably be tears too.

Pepster said...

I say Phillies in 4 over Brewers; Dodgers over Cubs in 5; Angels over Red Sox in 5; and Rays over White Sox in 3.

SmartyBarrett said...

Ross: Oh my GRACIOUS!

Lawler: Manny! WHAAA?!?! Manny has barbed wire around his bat! Heh-heh...

Ross: As God as my witness, Hideki Okajima has been BROKEN IN HALF!