Friday, October 24, 2008

The World Outside of Mass Hysteria....Sort Of

*B's Dopplegangers - Boston Bruins look-alikes! Only one other person knows my secret family recipe, and he's not talking... [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

*Kudos to Globe for Brady coverage - Dear WEEI, Calm the fuck down. Love always, Smarty Barrett. [Boston Sports Media Watch]

*Yahoo subtly touches on World Series storyline - Wait, they let black people play baseball now? What kind of futuristic year-3000 science-fiction bullshit is this? [The Sports Hernia]

*Larry Johnson improves amateur boxing record against women to 5-0 - ...too soon? [The Sports Commedian]

*Top ten teams in the NBA's Eastern Conference - Hmm...I guess the Knicks must have been number eleven. [Top Ten Chicago Sports]

*Intro to Pick One Challenge - Yes, this piece is written by one of our own. Funny, I thought the first of the Hysterics to make it big would have either been Sh!tShow on COPS or HMLS in some Matt Ryan gay porn. That should narrow down which one of us wrote this. []

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Dubs said...

mini gold does lead to bad things...heed my advice. LET THE GIRLD WIN.