Friday, October 3, 2008

The World Outside of Mass Hysteria: Your College Tradition Sucks

*Before we start with the links we need you our readers to help out anotha' brotha'. Stanley Cup of Chowder a loyal fan of MH, is in a blog-related gladiator event over at Hugging Harold Reynolds. If we ever want to see him alive again, please go over and vote for him. He needs our help or else he's lions meat. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

* College Football is deep in tradition. Tailgates, mascots, and booster hand outs are all part of the history of the game. Top Ten Chicago Sports points out 10 of the worst traditions in College Football. Missing from that List? Boston College: A rich history of fans showing up late to the game, not cheering or giving a crap about their team, and eventually leaving at half time. [Top Ten Chicago Sports]

* In a beary scary incident at a Subway in Canada a bear broke into a Subway and ransacked the place to get food. After he ripped everything to the bear bones, he bearly escaped through the Bear Bear. If I learned anything from Gentle Ben, its that these bears are vicious creatures that need to be shot immediately. Anyone who sees this bear should shoot on sight. An artist rendering is below:

[Food Court Lunch]

* So the Mets collapsed. What else is new. Johan Santana is pitching a new product that helps with shoulder tightness, muscle aches and migraines induced by relievers that blow 5 run leads. Being made in the Dominican Republic this product is mostly donkey piss and banana juice but is available at all Walmarts. [Bugs & Cranks]

* The Daily News in New York hired a new beat writer to cover the Rangers. Looks like he is putting quite the effort into his new position. Not that writing about hockey is easy, interesting, or readable. The fans also don't look to happy about this, and I heard Mark Messier cried when he read the article. [ The Sports Hernia]

* And your theme song for the weekend:


stanley cup of chowder said...

Thanks for the slightly tardy support. I am happy to report that I have escaped the lions' grasp and was named the round 10 Iron Ref winner. Stay tuned for details about the finals.

Pepster said...

Great song to start the weekend. Now please don't mistake that praise for me actually believing it is a great song.