Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The World Outside of Mass Hysteria: It's Groin Grabbingly Good

* Ok, what is wrong with this picture? A man gets arrested for kneeing a cop in the junk after skinny dipping in the back of a pickup truck during a UMass Football Tailgate. The Cop is expected to miss two weeks of work and was given morphine. UMass has actual tailgating? [With Leather]

* At Kansas the very ingenious student body has started an obscene chant when a kickoff happens. They do the usual AHHHHHHHHH and follow it with "RIP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF!". At first this seemed moderately funny, then I realized it was a rip off of the Waterboy which is a terrible movie. ESPN2 is coming next week and they are trying to stop the chant, I recommend creating something about the human blimp manning your sideline [Wiz of Odds]

* I guess in my total delirium after Game 4 I missed Papelbon completely annihilate NectarineCraig Sager during the post game pandemonium. At least this guarantees that our favorite 70's cryogenically-frozen-and-now-restored reporter will be donning another fabulous suit tonight [Red Sox Monster]

* Holy shit. Where the fuck were these people when I was in marching band in High School. The worst thing I ever saw were two people lock braces in the Instrument closet. I guess I picked the wrong time to quit the Trombone. [The Big Lead]

* Some guy named Aaron Ward who plays for the Bruins is writing a blog for their website. I've honestly never heard of him, and I'm sure FutureMrs is going to let me hear about this. From his only post I read its a must read:
At this stage of the evolution of hockey, you need to an economics degree to run a team – not only an economics degree, but you also need a human resources degree. You need to know the chemistry of the players and how it’s going to fit into your cap system and how it adheres to all the intricacies of the CBA now

Wait is this a hockey blog or is Alan Greenspan writing about hockey? [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

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