Saturday, October 4, 2008

We own your soul Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

You know that feeling when you know a team has what it takes to win a World Series? Well, I am having that feeling right now, call it premature but that is how the Sox have been playing. The Red Sox took the second game of the ALDS against the dreaded Angels yesterday 7-5. The heros this time? JD Drew, Canadian Not Manny, and Jonathan Papelbon. The Angels on the other hand continue to find ways to lose with sloppy defense, inconsistent pitching, and Center Fielders who almost blow a hammy arguing plays. This winning thing is becoming part of the Red Sox October, its no longer the Red Sox your parents/grandparents knew who found ways to lose. The Sox are never out of a game, and even when things fall apart, we pick ourselves up and kick even more ass. Give credit to Theo, the owners and most of all Tito who has created a culture of winning in Boston, bring in players who want to win and get rid of those players who aren't on board.

The Sox roared to a 4-0 lead after RBI single from Large Father, RBI double from Drew, and a 2 home run by the guy that couldn't hold Manny's cock strap. Two games, thats all it took for Bay to shed off any doubt that he wouldn't be able to produce to the level of Manny. Well he has, giving the Sox huge hits and even better he doesn't beat up traveling secretaries! To all of the pundits and critics who have called for JD Drews head, eat a giant bowl of humble pie. WEEI's Gerry Callahan had the audacity to question whether Drew deserved being on the postseason roster. Who the hell cares if he misses two months with a bad back, he has now produced on the big stage twice now in two years. He may be hated almost everywhere, but you can't argue with his production when the team needs him most.

Lord Mothra IV was his usual self, bending to Angels hitters but NEVER giving in. The Angels must have left 30 players on base, and only could only score a run here and there. Mothra lasted only 5 innings throwing 200 pitches, and allowing 3 runs, never looking dominant but doing just enough to escape every jam he put himself in. On the other side Santana looked terrible in the 1st, letting up the four runs but settled down, and Jose Arredondo looked filthy for two innings. But K-Rod, why did you throw four straight off speed pitches to Drew? He may be the best closer in the game, but his pitch choices are pretty stupid. Papelbon technically blew the save, but getting out of a runner on 3rd no outs situation is nearly impossible to get out of. Do you have the feeling we have found our answer to Mo Rivera, the player who can make a playoff game an 8 or even 7 inning game?

So the series moves back to Boston, with arguably one of the biggest postseason pitchers of our generation taking the mound. Josh Beckett had a very encouraging side session on Thursday, and it sounds like he will be ready for the Angels on Sunday. Get ready for lots of big pitches, and even more cussing. Even though the Sox had lost 8 games in a row during the regular season, they will be looking for their 12th straight postseason victory against the Angels. Get ready Boston, we are only one game away from the ALCS.

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Zach Martin said...

You know that feeling when you know a team has what it takes to win a World Series?

No. Not in like a hundred years.