Friday, October 3, 2008

Wanted: Tom O'Brien's Head on a Pike

HMLS writes weekly on the Boston College Eagles even though he is pretty sure no one on this sites reads it. But like a bad Rob Schneider movie these columns still continue to pop up. This week the Eagles visit Tom O'Brien and the NC State Wolfpack

This could be the biggest game of the season for the BC Eagles. Seriously. No more shitty non- conference teams, it's time for the ACC, and fewer games at home. First on the hit list is that traitorous turncoat Tom O'Brien and NC State (on @ noon for all five us who care). Let it be known now, I hate TOB, I thought he was an over rated coach at BC, who couldn't run an offense, and I was happier then a pig in shit when he left. I blame him for our loss against Miami on Thanksgiving in 2006, and for blowing basically every other big game we lost because of conservative play calling. I also would like to personally kick TOB in the balls for calling my fandom into question, when he called BC a second tier sport in Boston. Which is true, but you knew that coming here dickbag. Oh yeah, and finally thanks for never putting a team away, instead when BC had leads you would just have the RB sit on the ball and allow every fucking opponent to mount monumental comebacks. Go to hell.

More than anything I want to see BC go down to NC and beat the snot out of the Wolfpack. This is the game to do it, State QB Russell Wilson is still coming back from nagging injuries and he is still a game time decision. I'm sure the thought of an injured QB is making BJ Raji salivate more then he does around a Crave Case from White Castle. BC needs this win, if they want to go back to a Bowl game this year, and with tough games against Clemson, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech looming the Eagles will need to win against the lesser teams. I want to see BC make it to the Gaylord's Hotel Bowl, the Tire Bowl, or the Detroit Rock City Bowl. Please, don't make college football go away before Christmas, I would much prefer BC to end on December 26 or 27th.

Now that being said, my favorite whipping boy Chris Crane is most likely going to be starting again for BC. Last week Crane went 1-4 for 6 yards against URI, which might make you say hmmmmm, but hopefully Coach Jags learned something. In order for this offense to win you gotta RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN. No seriously, run the damn football, you have a great RB in Montel Harris and NC State has a shitty run defense. Don't let Crane fail you with his arm, terrible on field judgement, or his tendency to panic. Instead just hand the ball off, over and over again, you did it against URI now do it to the Wolfpack.

What do I expect in this game? Lots of stupid mistakes on both sides, probably Chris Crane sitting the second half, and good defense by BC. The BC defense has been top notch this season, and they will probably shut down this NC State Defense. But if Jags insists on passing this game could get very ugly quickly. BC 20 NC State 13

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with tough games against Clemson, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech

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