Friday, October 17, 2008

Stayin' Aliiiiiiii-iiiiive I am still speechless. I mean, anyone who watched that entire game last night...can you believe what you saw? Even 12 or so hours later..I still CANNOT BELIEVE IT! And I'm going to go on the record with this - that was the best baseball game I have ever seen. It beat out Game 4 2004 ALCS. It beat out (sad to say, but it was a great game) Game 7 2003 ALCS. And it beat out Game 7 2001 World Series. I mean, how over was that game before we realized that it WASN'T over?

This is a "win-probability" graph. Note the 3rd through 7th innings. I mean, this game WAS OVER. Anyone who went to bed or God forbid left the game (hi, dubbschism!) can point to this and at least justify it slightly.

And that's the other thing...the stories. The things I'll remember. The Live Blog. Or the "this game blows so much let's talk about our favorite sex positions instead" segment. And people bailing, people going to bed. And the announcers previewing a Rays/Phillies World Series. And thanking their crew for a job well done in the ALCS. Or getting a message telling me that dubbscism and the Ejected Fan left the game in the 7th. And getting another message saying that dubb was just sitting on his couch, in a daze, muttering to himself "I can't believe we left this game." There was my buddy's Facebook status saying he was going to enjoy watching the Rays celebrate on the field (Yankee fan). Then me texting him and telling him it was the best status ever. Then him calling me (drunk) and telling me to fuck off. Or me jumping around, screaming at the top of my lungs, clapping, fist pumping frantically, convinced my neighbors were going to call the cops on me. Or jennycupcakes calling me just before 1 AM, saying she went to bed and was awakened by car horns and people rioting in the streets outside her apartment in Boston. What was even funnier was me trying to explain to her what sounded something like this: "Ortiz! And the home run and then BAM! Papelbon! Awesome! And then Drew, with the homer and then Coco! And Masterson double play! And then Longoria, WHOOPS! And then Drew again! And CRAZY!!"

And now we go back to Tampa, with all the momentum in the world, but knowing the only person who can keep it going is Josh Beckett. Bottom line - if he is 100% healthy, they have a tremendous shot to do this. If he's not, well, they never really had a chance anyway. But after last night, I'm not ready to give up...are you?

I'll leave you with this. A few hand-selected postings on a Yankee message board which I will not name. Of course, they were rooting for the Sox to lose. I time-stamped them so everyone can enjoy:

9:11:16 PM: This is kind of fun. So far.
9:34:33 PM: Go Rays.
9:45:14 PM: How come no one else could do this to the Sawks? They’ve seemed so ripe for it all year, and yet...?
10:54:58 PM: The most important thing is now we don’t have to hear about a Red Sox dynasty.
11:08:28 PM: Hey Balfour, stop dicking around.
11:11:24 PM: Well, THAT’S not good. Were we celebrating early?
11:20:36 PM: Between Wheeler and David Price, the Rays should be able to wrap this thing up.
11:33:47 PM: Holy shit they’re actually going to come back. Screw you guys for jinxing it.
11:35:01 PM: I hate the Red Sox so much right now.
11:35:05 PM: This is awful awful bullshit.
11:47:52 PM: Well, that sucked.
11:50:58 PM: Its OK to panic now. I hate everything.
12:19:48 AM: I hate baseball.
1:41:28 AM: un-fucking-believable
10:43:59 AM: I woke up this morning with the hope that what happened last night, did not happen. I am sick of what happened, I just can’t get over it.

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jennycupcakes said...

the hysteria outside my bedroom window was much like the night the celtics won it all except it lasted 5 mins tops and the celtics pandemonium last 3 hours but both were similar in that I had to get up to work in the morning.