Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lunch with the Hysterics

Last night had to have been one of the most boring, non eventful nights in sports history. Well thats unless you count Troy beating Florida International University (why is there college football on a Tuesday night?), or Greg Oden finally debuting in the NBA. Honestly I could care less about those games, and yes I missed the Obama-McCain debates, and from what I hear I didn't miss much. What I did see was Warren Sapp on Dancing with the Stars, don't ask. Thats the price I pay for being with a woman. My favorite moment last night was finally watching Jo-Lunn Dunbar absolutely lay out a Viking on Monday Night football and I have the video to prove it!

In totally unrelated news, two people in NY just set a new Guiness Book Record for watching 123 hours of movies in a row. That is over 5 days of watching movies in a row, with only 10 minute breaks in between for you know eating and pooping. I'm going to make a conservative estimate that both these losers are a) virgins and b) unemployed. I thought I was a waste of space for watching like 10 hours of football/baseball in a row on Sunday, but these people make me sound super motivated. Here is a question for the masses, what is the most television you have watched in a row? I think I would either go brain dead or fucking insane at about 15 hours.


futuremrsrickankiel said...

I don't know for sure what my in-a-row record is, but the first two days of March Madness always see me watching a whole lot more TV than I ever would otherwise.

Oh, I think once I watched one of those all-day marathons of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit once. By the time I finished, I was convinced a rapist was going to jump out of the next box of cereal I opened.

Dubs (zach m) said...

I think I did something like that after a bad trip. At school there was a bar that had a techno night. My buddy and I ate some 'schrooms and thought it would be a fun experience. Wrong. Dead wrong. Within two minutes we both losts our minds and freaked the fuck out.

Needless to say we went home, put on movies and chilled for like 15 hours straight. Most memorable movie: The Warriors

(I might just go by Dubs from now on, so not to piss off my employer if they find this stuff, somehow).

@FMRA - I do that with HOUSE now. WTF is up with TNT and their HOUSE marathons. It's like everyday. I literally get nothing done when they are on.

Zach M.

Anonymous said...

I think the worst was 2000 when I literally stayed up all night watching "no end of world" around the world as Peter Jennings took us to every new year.
That and football during Bowl season when it feels like I be jonesing on Jan 10th for a MidAmerica conf vs. WAC bowl game.