Saturday, October 11, 2008


(Headline credit to Smurphette)

So admittedly I was about seven rum-and-cokes deep last night, and at a bar, and it was loud, and the sound on the TV was muffled, and I have terrible hearing, but did anyone listen Chip Caray and Buck Martinez last night?


Chip: Welcome back to this no-hitter, and for those of you just joining us in this no-hitter, we should let you know that we have a no-hitter going here! Daisuke "No-Hitter" Matsuzaka is pitching a no-hitter! NO HITTER! Buck?
Buck: Well, I would have to agree with you about the no-hitter part, partner. There is a no-hitter in progress! The Rays have NO hits! Chip?

Chip and Notorious B.I.G.

Now, admittedly I'm more superstitious than most, but jeez, isn't there like an unwritten code in broadcasting that you're supposed to limit your talk about a no-hitter in progress? Some announcers will just refuse to talk about it all together, but even if you do, you don't have to cram it down the throats of this listeners. God, this is actually making me wish for Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

From now on, I suggest everyone mute their TVs and watch this:


jennycupcakes said...

Superstition in sport was the topic of my paper in research methods my senior year...
Last night's broadcast made me want to vomit.
Actually, all of the post season broadcasting has made me want to jab my eardrums with a number 2 pencil.

GranDude said...

That's as good a synopsis as of the Palin / Biden debate, and a great video.
Caray and Buck are fucktards of the first degree. I was ready to throw something through the TV, except my control's worse than Balfour's and I'd have probably just broken a goddamn window instead.
And what the hell kind of name is Balfour for a pitcher anyway??
Somebody's gonna get hit...
Love this site.

Pepster said...

As bad as some announcers are (and I feel that I have some basis for criticism having done some radio commentary for football, basketball and hockey for 3 years before I decided on a separate career path), their job is to bring the important stories of the game out, and a no-hitter in the 7th is important. You are just upset b/c "your" pitcher was jinxed. Any other pitcher and it doesn't even get a mention.

Off topic, but in case GHABB,Y! Is looking, I am missing the baseball game to head into the Swamp. Nothing like a college football game between 2 southern schools for some, uh, great "scenery".

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Wow, Pepster, I thought you'd give us all more credit than that.

No one expects the same level of broadcasting from national announcers that they're accustomed to from their local guys, but it's pretty universally accepted that you don't talk about a no-hitter while it's going on. I'd have felt the same way regardless of what pitcher he was jinxing.

Dubs said...

So Sox take 2-0 lead then Longoria drops 2-run bomb. FMRA, you still alive?