Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's the return of the...oh wait, no're kidding...

Afternoon, readers! Miss me?

Sorry for my brief hiatus from the Hysteria, but rest assured I'm back and ready to get rolling again. I was planning on doing a piece on the Sox for today, but even a few days after the fact I feel like I'll still be pretty irrational (and hungover). Plus it seems like my fellow bloggers covered the situation quite nicely in my absence.

Suffice it to say, everyone in Boston seems to be looking for a turnaround tonight...and what better way to change the luck then a Live Blog of the game? Hazel Mae's Landing Strip and I will be manning the ship this evening, but we're sure to see some appearances from a few other Hysterics, as well as the commenters you've come to know and love. Just remember, last time we went at it the Sox eliminated the Angels in dramatic fashion. So keep the hopes high and tune in - tonight, 8 PM, Mass Hysteria. Be there.


The answer is "The Mack", right? It's the return of the Mack! Do I win a prize?


Pepster said...

Mark Morrison, although British, was raised in my lovely hometown of West Palm Beach. "Come on, let's get down, let's get down, let's get down."

Dubs said...

I just cancelled plans with the lady...booze and live blogging > watching the food network and the vague "promise" of sexual activity.

/not joking

The A-Train said...

as well as the commenters you've come to know and love.

Pretty sure most of you hate me. Especially FMRA because I'm unable to make eye contact with her.

[eyes drift downward]