Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cover Your Ears.... and Your Eyes

Heeeee's back! Yes, get ready to suffer through at least four more games of Buck Martinez and Chip Caray. Our wishes were answered no more McCarver/Buck, but be careful what you wish for. Where the fuck are Orsillo and Harold Reynolds? They both did a fantastic job with the Rays/White Sox series. Ripping on announcers is kind of overdone but I think Vegas Watch summed up Chip Caray's comments in Game 4.
While I'm at it, how about Caray's call of Hunter's game-tying single? It's not so much that he said, "and nobody's chanting now", but the defiant, unprofessional tone with which he said it. At least the series is over, and we're done with him for awhile, right?

On the positive side we get to see more Craig Sager!


The A-Train said...

Where the fuck are Orsillo and Harold Reynolds?

My guess is he tried to hug one of the interns and...well, we all know how well that goes these days.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

It's pretty intuitive that they wouldn't have Orsillo call this series... they'd never have a hometown guy. Not everyone watching this series is a Red Sox fan.

Anyway, I actually like Chip Caray. No announcer is perfect, but he's got a nice rhythm and excellent in-game analysis. The real problem with the TBS announcers (and coverage in general, in fact) is that they don't fucking do their homework -- the announcers are never sufficiently informed about the individual players, and the coverage is incredibly sparse on meaningful stats. How hard is it to set up a team of interns Wikipedia'ing shit while the game goes on?

Anyway, it's all better than baseball on Ee Ess Pee En.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

I really just wanted an excuse to post another picture of Craig Sager

Zach Martin said...

I will let your comments on Chip Caray slide, FRMA, because you never experienced it for more than a series, unlike I, who dealt with it for like three years. The man is terrible at what he does. He was handed the keys to a Mazarati by his father and grandfather and crashed it into a brick wall of bad broadcasting. FUCK CHIP CARAY.

But I agree with everything else.