Monday, October 6, 2008

California Media Cries for Mercy

This is a cover story on the OC Register's sport section. The writer Jeff Miller has very little faith in his team saying
There it is, Halo fans, the headline that doubles as a dead-line.

No need to even watch tonight. Enjoy a fine, quiet evening with the family instead.

Can’t see the Angels winning Game 4 at Fenway Park. No way.

History says John Lackey won’t be good, his near no-hitter here in the regular season notwithstanding. There is just too much evidence pointing the other way.

The bullpen is gassed after Game 3 and this inconsistent offense isn’t likely to find 16 hits again.

Red Sox 5, Angels 1. Dustin Pedroia finally comes through and Boston advances.

The Angels fly back to Anaheim. Alone.

And that my friends is what we are up against...


A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Let's hope that's a reverse jinx attempt, because I'd hate to think that the OC Register actually has a better Dan Shaugnessy than we do....

Pepster said...

Speaking of Pedroia, I have a buddy that works at Elias Sports Bureau, and he told me (well, us, a group of friends), that the biggest Ofer in LDS history was Mo Vaughn at 0-14 in 1995. So Pedroia's 0-13 could be knocking on histroy's door assuming (a) he doesn't get a hit with a least 1 AB tonight, and (b) the Sox win tonight so he has no more ABs in the LDS.