Monday, October 27, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Whew, what a busy weekend in sports! If you're anything like me, all you did was drink, watch sports, and drink some more over the past two-and-a-half days. So much to talk about, but first, the Patriots. HMLS and I decided to try a new watering hole for our NFL Sunday game-watching/liver-punishing. Upon entering, we found that it had 64oz beers, TVs in every booth with the ability to watch EVERY NFL game, a DJ who spun some tunes during commercial breaks, and Miller Lite girls with asses only a horny boy dreams about. Needless to say, we've found our hangout that combines sports, booze, and quality masturbation material, and we're not planning on going anywhere else for a while.

Depending on if you're a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of person, you could look at the Pats game from yesterday a number of different ways. Cassel lead them from behind in the 4th quarter, none of those interceptions were particularly bad throws (in fact, neither were really his fault), and they moved into a tie for first with the win. Yay! OR...The secondary looked like garbage, the Rams didn't have Steven Jackson and they STILL almost beat us, and Cassel had 2 picks and only 1 TD. Boo! I'm sure HMLS will have a fair and balanced recap of the game coming up today. And if he's sounding a little homer-ish, knock him down a peg. Some suggestions:

How many points did BC's defense let up this weekend again?
Wow, Matt Ryan was soooo nasty yesterday!

Elsewhere in the sports world, there's something called the "World Series" going on right now, and I'm honestly surprised how it's shaking down. I figured Tampa would be running away with this thing, but the Phils and their power hitters (e.g. Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Joe Blanton) are out-slugging the Rays. Also, Longoria and Upton are like a combined 1 for 438. Getting cold at the wrong time. It could all end tonight! Plus, we got the Colts/Titans on MNF football, and the Celtics season opener tomorrow! You know what that means...more excuses to drink! Which leads me to my question for the masses: Where is your favorite place to watch a game?


Rocco said...

Duff's in Orchard Park. Hands down some of the best wings in town. And the "talent" there is amazing. And by "talent", I mean the ridiculously hot 18-25 year old chicks that work there. 5 for $10 bottles during all Sabres, Bills, and MNF games? Yes please. Bucknets of splits? Yes please. Flat screens everywhere, Sunday Ticket, Center Ice, and a monster projection screen? Fuck and Yes.

Their sister bar/restaurant The Warehouse is pretty much the same, and gets the silver.

Bronze goes to me. 47" of HD glory on the wall and a fridge full of beer. Who needs other people anyway?

The first person to say Buffalo Wild Wings gets punched in the cock.

stanley cup of chowder said...

I went to college in the middle of nowhere and there were no decent bars around. So, we used to go a Polish Club despite the fact that none of us were one bit Polish. This place was unbelievable. It was an unhealthy mix of college kids and white trash townies. Think of the worst bar you have ever been in and that is this place. They got around the smoking laws by charging a $5 annual membership fee, so you always ended up smelling like stale beer, smoke, and failure (a scent I will one day bottle and sell under the name "Lost Dreams"). At the same time this bar was awesome. Everytime we walked through the door, the bartender would already be pouring our beers. The best part about the place was they had $1 drafts in frosty mugs everyday (not to mention Golden Tee). Their food selection was somewhat lacking, as the only options were pickled eggs and beef jerky. No matter what time of day you went there the same people were also there, including a dude that could easily pass for Curt Schilling right done to the beer gut and some creepy old dude who would just sit there sipping on ginger ale all night. The sad thing was, this was the place to be at my school. I think we went there for every single game of the 2004 Sox Playoff run ... and look what happened.

jennycupcakes said...

you guys suck. I shouldnt have gotten so drunk the night before. And sorry for throwing up at your house but atleast it was in the toilet...

Rocco said...

@SCOC: solid pick man. I love those places around here. The Legion Posts, VFW Posts, and "social" clubs. Can't beat the cheap drafts!

And Golden Tee is getting harder and harder to find. And now I want to go play. Which reminds me: Mandy's in West Seneca: $4.50 12 oz. cheeseburgers and $1.25 pints all day on Saturdays, and they have GT08. Not that anyone probably cares. Continue on.

Rocco said...

But it's no 1 lb. bacon double cheeseburge at the Winking Lizard in Cleveland.