Thursday, October 9, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

So its now pretty clear that Manny fits in with all the botoxed celebrities of LA. He loves the ability to stay hidden in a city of stars, and has been embraced by the city. Why the hell not? He led a team that was in 2nd place to the playoffs almost single handed and put together a huge month. He ran out ground balls and hit the long ball and continued to keep his stupid goofy smile and grin.

Here it is Manny, I want to see you lose. I want you to get fucking destroyed by either the Phils or Rays/Sox. I hope you cry, that your dreams are dashed. You don't deserve a World Series, just as much as you don't deserve the NL MVP. BTW Go to hell Jon Heyman, you're beyond retarded he played two months for a team . My dream (and I'm sure FOX has the same one) is to see Manny come back to Fenway and watch his ass get booed relentlessly along with that other shitbag Nomar. I want to see you watch Jason Bay hold up a World Series trophy and you get nothing. You may have that But hey LA fans, he may say he loves it now but when the Yankees open up the coffers and offer him a bagillion dollars for four years he will forget about you quicker then signs from the third base coach.

Manny you are fucking dead to me, I have nothing but venom and vile stored up in me for you. You are a despicable human being, who wasted a gift for an entire year, probably because your slime ball agent told you to. Eat shit and die.

Question for the Masses: Who you got? Dodgers/Phils?


Pepster said...

Dodgers - better overall pitching (Cole Hamels excluded).

I must say, though, that I absolutely love Manny. I just think that he is overall good for the game of baseball. Now, granted, I didn't see him every day over the last month or two of his Boston tenancy, like you all have, so I haven't become as jaded.

I also like Clemens, but that is simply b/c he threw the bat at that punk Piazza, who turned around and didn't do one thing about it, thus exposing Piazza as the fraud that he is. This sentiment may or may not have anything to do with the fact that a girl I was dating back in the day had this incredible, abnormal infatuation with Piazza, so take this whole diatribe with a grain of salt.

ballamiguel said...

Phillies in 6.

But if the Dodgers end up winning the NLCS, I will interested to see the overall reaction from Fenway fans. I hope it will be at least mixed (a la Johnny Damon, and mind you, HE went to the Yankees after assured us he wouldn't a couple years prior). All Manny did was bitch and moan. A lot of those millionaire crybaby athletes do that.

Love him or hate him, he's a big reason why we HAVE two World Series titles. Which is why, if the Dodgers end up playing the Sox in the WS and I am lucky enough to go to a game, I will neither cheer for him NOR boo him. Love what he's done for us, hate how he treated the Sox front office.

I hate how RSN treats its superstars like a high school cheerleader treats her boyfriends. We make a point to obsess over them, but once something better comes along (Jason Bay), we are, like, soooo done with them.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

All Manny did was bitch and moan

Umm Miguel he did alot more then that. He gave up on the fucking team. He refused to play and totally quit the last two weeks he was on the Sox.

The A-Train said...

Gave up on the team? The team gave up on him in 2003 when they placed him on irrevocable waivers.

ballamiguel said...

Yeah, I know, he botched some plays. It was evident that he wasn't happy, the guys around him weren't happy, and he needed to go. Whatever. We're not the Cubs, we will have a contending team that plays well when it needs to.

And yes, it's a real kick in the manberries to see him succeed (to put it lightly) elsewhere. But hey, I wouldn't expect anything less from one of the best hitters the game has ever seen.

Again, I'm not framing my Manny tshirt or buying a blue doorag, I just respect the man's game. Although I've traded my large Dominican flag for a Canadian one, I don't hate the guy.

2004 World Series MVP.

Dubs said...

We're not the Cubs, we will have a contending team that plays well when it needs to.

What the piss? Really? I come here to escape my fucking woes not get i thrown back in my face.

Oh. And fuck Manny.

Zach M.

Anonymous said...

I like the Phillies, I think the Dodgers are short timers. AND I don't have the love affair with Torre lots around me do so I don't care if he doesn't win to shove it down Yankees throats.
Phillies live Philly. Nuf said. THEY need this.
oh, the baseball? Phillies looking good.

Rocco said...

I got LA and Manny triumphantly returning to Fenway to win another ring and a WS MVP!