Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics


So the Sox finished off the Angels last night in dramatic fashion, taking the series 3-1 and moving on to face the Rays in the ALCS. This game last night had everything - great pitching, clutch hitting, stupid agressive suicide-squeeze bunting...we'll have a full game recap coming later today.

Also, a big thanks to the folks who turned out for the live-blog - it was an absolute blast. I hope everyone had as much fun as HzMLS and I did. Big shout-outs to ShitShow and GHABB,Y! for making an appearance. As long as the Sox keep winning, expect more of this.

There was also apparently a Monday night football game last night, although unless you have Drew Brees or Adrian Peterson in your fantasy league, I'm sure no one cared. I did catch highlights, and I saw one of the sickest blocks I have ever seen on Reggie Bush's first punt-return for a TD. And who delivered the vicious hit? BC's own Jo-Lonn Dunbar. HzMLS now has some solid masturbation material for the next few days.

We hopefully have a fun day ahead here at MH - Red Sox recap, an appearance from GHABB,Y!, and possibly a Bruins preview and/or Jed Lowrie sonnet. In the meantime, I know we're a touch late on this, but VH1 released their list of the 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs. Check the list, I think it's pretty solid. Fight the Power by Public Enemy takes the top spot. Any criticisms/comments/beef with the list? I personally am disappointed that we didn't see Shook Ones, Part II by Mobb Deep in the top 100.

/likes rap

//a lot

What counts is the rhymes designed to fill your mind.


Zach Martin said...

Last night's live blog was a grand success.

HMLS - lovely pics
Ghabby - lovely racism
Scoscia - lovely terrible managing

good times!

Sh!tShow said...

I missed GHABBY!?!?!?!

futuremrsrickankiel said...

ohhhhhhhh my god I'm so hung over