Friday, October 17, 2008

Breakfast with Hysterics- ALCS Edition

NOW DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT BEING A RED SOX FAN IS ALL ABOUT? Last night was the biggest fucking epic WIN in my lifetime, even with the 04 and 07 Sox (which is saying a lot). This is what we are about people of Boston, making our opponent feel uncomfortable and making every lead seem unsafe. I have to admit at one point last night after Upton hit his 30th double of the post season and the Sox were down 7-0 I was ready to pack in, but a piece of me deep in my soul wouldn't let me quit on the Sox. After brushing my teeth I turned my television on in my room and I watched from the edge of my bed. That anxious feeling and jitters came back in the 8th and 9th inning, you know the feeling like something monumental is going to happen and you can't miss it. It was something we hadn't felt since the '04 ALCS, and after it was all over as Youk was humping Papelbon there was our own HUGE cathartic release after it was all over. That feeling right is why being a Red Sox fan is so rewarding. It's better then sex my friends, better then sex.

In the span of two innings the Red Sox turned utter dismay into orgasmic jubilation. The entire lineup came to life, Papelbon and Masterson looked electric and Francona reminded us all why he is the best manager of our generation. All of a sudden it was Longoria and the Rays bullpen making the mistake, and Joe Maddon making the questionable decisions (Where was David Price). Sox fans we are in a great position, this group of Rays have never had to deal with this type of situation before. This year they dominated from start to finish, and in previous years they were the Washington Generals of MLB. The Rays have never had a recuperate from such a heart breaking loss on such a national stage. It is now their turn to see if they have the fortitude to come back. We have our two aces coming up, Beckett and Lester, who in their previous starts looked terrible and got lit up by the middle of the Rays lineup. But for some irrational reason I have this feeling they will vastly improve, and the Lester of the Angels series and a better Beckett will emerge.. Just like in '04 we have the Rays right where we want them, the pressure is now on them to stave off a monumental collapse. This feels really good Red Sox Nation.

Hysterics, thanks for coming out to the liveblog last night. If you missed it you can still read the transcript here. There were some great moments, talks of our sexual favorite positions, GHABYs drugged out text messages, my triumphant return from the dead and the best commenters in the blogosphere. And of course sharing Red Sox history together, even if it was on the computer. There is alot to talk about today, so I will save the glory for our other editors. Stay tuned, we have a great day of bloggity goodness for you!


GranDude said...

Epic win indeed.
I'm an old fart, fan since 1966.
Jesus Christ.
Anyway, I've seen every postseason game since 1967, including being at Anaheim Stadium for Hendu's HR in '86.
That is still the best sports moment ever for an event I was actually at and and will rank #1 as I head toward the Alzheimers years.
Coming back against the yanx in 04 is #2, the WS win was actually pretty anti-climatic, but awesome in that whole ridding the 900 pound gorilla that's been on my back fucking me in the ass without lube for 38 years way.
Last night's game is #3.
I don't care what Maddon says about blowing it off their backs in a half hour, it just ain't that easy.

If Beckett can keep us close for 5 or 6 on Saturday, the Rays are in deep shit.

Dubs said...

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Dubs said...


The A-Train said...

While watching sportscenter this morning I found myself saying the word "fuck" out loud a lot.

Francona reminded us all why he is the best manager of our generation

While I'm all for blatant homerism, I think that's a little too blatant. Joe Torre/Bobby Cox/Tony LaRussa are equal, if not better managers than Tito.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

LaRussa- 2 World Series Championships in 30 Years of Coaching

Cox- 1 World Series Championships in 30 Years of Coaching.

Francona- 2 World Series Wins in 10 years of coaching

....Cant argue about Torre.

Dubs said...

Dusty Baker...10 rotator cuff surgeries, seven Tommy John surgeries and then, or course, there is Corey Patterson...enough said.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Being a Red Sox fan isn't about watching your team win.

It's about watching your team.

That's all I'm going to say.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

Hold up partner, I didn't mean "winning" was being a Red Sox fan. I was going with not giving up on your team, staying with them until the final out, and never saying die.

futuremrsrickankiel said...


Someone else give me something to bitch about then. I'm feeling ornery. Mostly because I didn't get to watch the game last night since I was on stage from 8 pm until after midnight.

ejected fan said...

Hey Zach Morris, I saw your comment on our blog. If I had not left the game early last night, the Red Sox comeback would not have happened. It would have caused a rip in the space-time continuum. Marty McFly would have banged his mother and we would all be in some alternate 2008 where we would be forced to listen to Sammy Hagar and Wyld Stallyns.... Sorry to be brief, but I have to go get an oil change for the Delorean before I drive to Tampa for Game 6.....

Rocco said...

On stage 8-12? That's a lot of dancing.

I'm finding it very difficult to tolerate most Boston fans right now.

Grimey said...

Bob Brenly - 1 World Series win in 4 years of coaching

Bob Brenly is the best manager of our generation!

Gweemus said...

The live blog was a definite blast...let us know if you decide to do Saturday's game!

stanley cup of chowder said...

Did you guys see that Knobs got thrown out of Fenway last night?

FMRA:On stage from 8 to midnight? I heard rumors you were a painted whore, but are they really true?

Shaun said...

I will admit, when I left for work, it was 5-0, or 7-0 (I had stopped watching at about 10:20 EST to shower, dress, etc. I had resigned myself to the looking forward to next year, and to reminding myself that the Celtics start October 28.

Then the text messages from the girlfriend started.

"The red sox are making a comeback" (I didn't want to get my hopes up too much, it was 7-0 after all"

"It's 7-4 David just hit a three run homer"

"7-6, Drew homered"

"Boston wins 8-7"

I had the same feeling I had after the Bruins won Game 6 against Montreal earlier this year. I was just filled with a mass (pun intended) amount of PRIDE. Pride in my hometown teams (I was born in Providence, several kin in Boston area, so these are my teams).

This win did it. This ranks up there with the 04 and 07 LCS comebacks, the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI, and the Memorial Day Miracle against the Nets.

Never again will I doubt any of my teams. Not even the ones led by Matt Cassel.

Thanks for letting me rant.