Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to Basics

No one said it would be easy. I think too many of us have forgotten that recently.

It’s impossible to describe how blessed we are as Boston fans. The amount of success we’ve been able to witness over the past seven years is almost embarrassing. People hate us, and for good reason. With the exception of the Super Bowl, which I firmly believe was an instance of the Sports Gods taking us down a notch, we have had an unprecedented run of good fortune in our favorite little town.

And yet, against all odds, it has caused us to get complacent, to get comfortable with victory. People I’ve spoken to, blogs I’ve read, even journalists from major outlets have allowed themselves to seem entitled! My father called me when were up two games to none, LIVID, because Bob Ryan had written a CHB-esque “We’re so much better than these Angels, how did they even get here?” column, and he couldn’t handle it. "Et tu, Bob?" How could he not remember?? Has it been that long since we begged and pleaded for a PLAYOFF appearance? Have we forgotten how truly lucky we are?

This apparently reached its peak during game 3, a game which, from all accounts, featured one of the poorest crowd performances in recent memory. I understand that it was an afternoon game, and that ticket prices were high, so only the worst type of fans could be expected to attend. Yet I can’t believe that Fenway, during a playoff game, would ever NOT rise to the occasion. It’s part of what makes rooting for the Sox so great; knowing that, when you play in our house, we’re gonna make you EARN your hits, EARN your runs. For that not to be the case… I just can’t accept it.

And now here we are, our backs against the wall once again. You can blame the pitching, the hitting, the managing, the fans… shit, blame me for leaving. None of it matters. We’re down 3-1. Again. It’s win or go home. Again. It’s time to put up or shut up. Again. And once again, its time for us to be the fans we really are.

Do the little things. Did you take a shot of whiskey before each game last year? Buy some fucking whiskey. Got a lucky uniform? Put it on. Now. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast… now. Those stupid little superstitions that you never admit to, the hats, the rubber bands, the way you tie your sneakers? Bring them back. THIS is what being a fan is all about. Days like today. You wanna know the day I was proudest to be a Red Sox fan? The day after Boone in 2003. I woke up, depressed and hungover with a swollen jaw, threw that fucking Sox hat on and went to work, DARING anyone to give me shit. Yeah, they lost. I STILL love my fucking team. You don’t “get it?” Fuck you then. I don’t WANT you to. This is why we do it, right here. I’m not ready for this season to end. Are you?

We have to walk the tightrope now. Every pitch matters. We have to rally for DiceK at home tomorrow, and then (hopefully) Beckett and Lester in Tampa. And they're gonna need our help. We need to cheer, to scream, and to carry them when they can't carry themselves. No one should leave Fenway tommorrow with a voice. It's time to sack up, people, and help this team that means so much to us when they need us the most. It’s going to be painful, it’s going to be stressful, and it’s going to drain every emotion until we’re sad shells of ourselves, barely able to muster enough strength to move.

Then again... no one said it was gonna be easy.

Keep the Faith.

Go Sox.



Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

We have come back from shit like this twice. Who the fuck says we can't do it again? Don't give up on the Sox yet.

Dice K

If we were to come back that is the pitching order I would want.

Sh!tShow said...

There's some fire! Yay! Firefirefire!

I would give up almost anything for Dice to throw at Longoria's head. It's time to make a statement. Get them uncomfortable in the box, its fucking BP out there.

Rocco said...

@sh!tshow: They said that last night and I couldn't agree more. Rays hitters are way too comfortable in the box. Time to go old school baseball and brush them back.

I'll admit to jumping on the Sox bandwagon just to root against the Yankees. I'm more of just a fan of baseball than anyone team (though I've always liked the Mets and Indians. Family from NY and Cleveland, Buffalo farm teams). But I find myself rooting for the Rays just as much. What's not to like about that team? (Don't answer that.)

As for games 5, 6, and 7, you have it set up for flashback to '07 and win 3 straight. They did it against Cleveland. Should be a fun game tomorrow.

I hope you have FMRA in non-stop confession. Longoria is killing you! As is most of the Rays lineup.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

I love you.

stanley cup of chowder said...

This can't be a good omen:

Anonymous said...

Sh!tshow! You have got to be making BIG money as a motivational speaker.
I will be there...hat on, and beers in gut. Hell or high water...GO DICE!

ballamiguel said...

It COULD be a good omen. Maybe the bats will also "catch fire". Eh? Eh?

CHB should not be an abbreviation as I do not know what it stands for.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

CHB is Dan Shaughnesssy aka Curly Haired Boyfriend- a reference made by Curt Schilling on his blowhard blog.

Sh!tShow said...

Sorry i'm late to respond. My car's starter shit the bed. And yes, I named it Wakefield.

@rocco: I dont think Dice has it in him. Beckett does though. again, don't let us win five.

@fmra: right back at ya sweetie.

@boatdrinks: Be loud my friend! Be the drunk guy in the section forcing everyone else to get up!

Christopher said...

First of all, Pink Hat nation should not be allowed in 2morrow's game Sh!tshow! I have never seen more people waving at the camera with pink hats on when we are down 35 runs ever! Also seeing a girl with a sign on the monster saying "Am I on T.V. yet?" IN THE 9th INNING!!!!!! (those tickets have to be over $200 btw, what a waste) did not help me from throwing a beer at the tv i watched it on!

I find it funny that in 2004 the media said "history was against the sox" "they are cursed, can't do it". But now when history has told us we can do this I hear "these sox have not played against a better team" "they are not the same team, they just cant do it" media is awful! I honestly beleive if we win 2morrow, we will have the edge! Beckett in the dugout looked like he wanted to throw at everyone, and you know lester wants back out there!

Grab a beer sh!tshow kiss a lucky hat or old champagne bottle from
75'! we will do this bc Once again I want to hear people apologize for underestimating Title town.

Go Dice K, throw as many pitches as you want put as many people as you want on(he pitched how I pitch on mlb 09, bc i always want a no hitter) just get me a W. Bats I know you left them somewhere please find them, it would go along way in helping us get to Beckett!

GO SOX!!!!!!!!

shaun said...

I still believes.