Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Al Davis Needs More Baby Bunny Blood Post Haste

Lane Kiffin is gone, that is no surprise. Maybe it was the horseshit offense. Maybe it was the poor personnel decisions. Maybe it was attempting 70 yard field goals as a giant fuck you to the Raiders organization. Whatever it was, Kiffin was fired, and Al Davis had nothing but terrible things to say about him. Davis showed no class, spewing that Kiffin was inexperienced, lazy and a disgrace to the organization. Does this shock anyone?

What is surprising is that Lord Skeletor III is claiming that the Patriots tampered with Randy Moss when he was still Raiders property. Look the Patriots might have cheated, lied, cheated and cheated more, but they most certainly did not tamper with the Raiders. Maybe Randy Moss stopped trying and wanted to leave the Raiders because they BLOW, and the Patriots read into that. Is that tampering? Al shut your mouth, if I had my I would unleash Jack Tatum to destroy your mangled miserable sack of bones. And as you lay in unimaginable pain in the hospital, I would laugh, hey that's football! Go back to ruining the Raiders, and I'll continue to enjoy the #1 Wide Receiver in football.

Al have you considered that the Raiders suck because you micromanage every aspect of your team, you draft like shit, and you make terrible free agent signings. Javon Walker? JaMarcus Russell?

Raiders fans dispose of Lane Kiffin

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