Friday, September 26, 2008

The World Outside of Mass Hysteria: Weezy and the Red Sox

picture courtesy of Everyday Should be Saturday

*What is more hardcore then a boxer fighting with only four fingers? How about a boxer who removed his own finger by himself. Seriously, Juan Robles couldn't afford the surgery so he took a chisel a block and removed the finger himself. HARDCORE. [With Leather]

*Nothing beats watching an announcer screw up live on the air. Last night I enjoyed Lou Gorman refer the influence of "sabermathics" on NESN. Our friends over in Chicago has a list with media of their top ten screw ups. And yes, Boom Goes the Dynamite made the list [Top Ten Chicago Sports]

* Evidently everyone that plays for the Mariners wants to kick Ichiro's ass. Maybe it has to do with his huge dong or his strange haikus about baseball. I know if I was a player on the Mariners I would probably want to fight these guys first:
3)Richie Sexson (though he would destroy me)
2)Erik Bedard
1) Carlos Silva
1A) The Ownership/GM of the Organization.
[Larry Brown Sports]

* Ah yes the biggest pussies in football, the Wide Receiver who refuses to take a hit. Footbawful exposes possibly the biggest vagina in football, Todd Pinkston. [Footbawful]
Also, I was pretty sure Pinkston was out of the NFL when I checked out his wikipedia page I found this game that is pure gold. Really try to hit him with a pass, I became so frustrated with this game that I shut it off after 10 minutes. Now I know McNabb's pain. [Pass to Pinky]

* SPECIAL ALERT: AFRICAN AMERICAN FOLLOWS HOCKEY. The person? Lil Wayne, Weezy F Baby, Deshaun DWAYNE Carter, The Greatest Rapper Alive. Also shocking the New Orleans native is a Sox fan, yeah take that Zephyrs
[Stanley Cup of Chowder]

I know this has been spread all over the internets already but please enjoy the greatest football catch in the history of the world:


SmartyBarrett said...

Deshaun Carter? What's Wayne droppin' TD passes now?

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

I hate rap, I hate rap
Couldn't drive me crazier with a map
Talk about a generation gap
I don't turn my cap, I don't grab my lap
I don't do like that 'cause I look like a sap
I hate rap, I hate rap
And it don't go good with beer on tap

/Confederate RR'd