Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wanna See A Guy Tear His Triceps?

That, kids, is footage of Shawn Michaels tearing his triceps on Raw last night. Being a wrestler and therefore insane, Michaels will still wrestle at Sunday's Pay-Per-View against scurrying suited man Chris Jericho, before having surgery to repair the torn muscle. Michaels becomes the second major WWE star in a week to undergo a serious injury, as West Newbury's Own John Cena had bone fragments removed from his neck last week that were causing him to lose feeling in his left hand. Also, Randy Orton recently re-broke his clavicle in a motorcycle accident, and Ken Kennedy just had surgery on his torn labrum. The moral, as always: don't become a wrestler, and in fact, don't do anything physical ever, including exercise. That's how I maintain my Adonis-like physique.

In other wrestler-related news, wrestling legend Killer Kowalski passed away this weekend, after spending 12 days off life support. Kowalski was one of the sport's true Good Guys, and lived a clean lifestyle that was and is rarely seen in the wrestling industry. You can find our tribute to him here, and we at Mass Hysteria want to send our thoughts to his family and loved ones at this difficult time.


Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

Wrestlers are hardcore, when Owen Hart fell from the ceiling he tried to get up and give the Godfather a sharpshooter. Unfortunately his spine did not cooperate.

/too soon?

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

When reading this over my shoulder I said aloud "What is Owen Hart's finishing move?"

MsHMLS said "Plunging to his death?"

/this is why I'm marrying her.

Sean said...

...the whiff...