Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey Number Ten, You Stink!

On Mark Blaudschun wrote an interesting piece saying that fans have no right booing college athlete. He explains that they are only kids and should be treated as such. This sounds like something Stuart Scott said last year, when he chastised us for hating on a brother. Let me explain I like to boo, and yes I will boo at college athletes, sorry I just do.

As I mentioned before I was at the UCF-BC game on Saturday, and I booed Chris Crane AND Steve Aponovcious because they both played terrible games, and they deserved to hear about it. Hell I even booed the jumbotron when they announced Crane was the Player of the Game, because he didn't deserve it. Chris Crane was very deserving of the boos he received on Saturday. Are you saying that when he threw for 4 yards of total offense in the first half I should have cheered him? Maybe if I cheer him more he will stop staring at the first receiver and telegraph his passes. Maybe he won't miss his wide open receiver by more than 5 yards. Look I paid 400 dollars for season tickets I can boo him if he is playing poorly. It's my right as a sports fan and as ticket holder to be upset if I am watching an inferior product on the field. If someone is playing poorly and the coaches continue to let him fail, you let both the player and coach know that you are upset. Plain and simple.

College football players I have every right to boo you. You are not a kid, you are 22 years old, about the same age as Craig Hansen when he first started sucking for the Sox, and I booed him too. So you're not paid and Hansen is, you still are getting 5 years of an education at Boston College a school that costs over 45k a year. Multiply that times 5 years and you saved yourself 225,000 in debt that every other BC kid has to pay back. Hell I haven't seen that much money in my life, and probably never will. And I am supposed to feel bad for you? Oh poor you, it must be so hard going to college for free, getting as many college girls as you want, and never having to pay for a thing. That's the last thing I want to do is hurt your poor wittle feelings. Plus when you leave college, do you get to start at a job at 25,000 a year? Oh no, you will probably be playing football in Canada for the Argonauts and be a millionaire by 26. So yeah, that sounds just like every kid I went to college with.

Because I boo, does that mean I hate Chris Crane as a person? Well despite what I said after the first half of the game, no I don't. I would never wish bodily harm upon him, and I don't want to do something vile like knock up his sister. Booing is just part of the game, Yankees fans boo Arod, Eagles fans boo Santa Claus, and I boo Crane. Chris don't take it personally, just perform better, make better decisions and you won't hear it anymore from the fans. And if you go out there and stink, just suck it up and move on. You're a big boy you can take it.

What do you think? Do you think booing is part of the game, or should loudmouths like me just shut up and enjoy it?

Oh by the way, I never booed Matt Ryan


Zach Martin said...

I don't want to do something vile like knock up his sister.

But you're saying there's a chance?

PS. you need to start manufacturing WWMRD bracelets.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I think you're correct -- the "but they're just college athletes!!!!" argument against booing is total and unadulterated bullshit at the Div I level. Call me when they're paying the same tuition, and attending the same classes, as the rest of the student body, and THEN we can talk. Until then, these pampered jackasses can take their booing like men and be glad that society is flawed enough to value their "contributions" to the tune of $250k's worth of free education (that 90% of them don't even utilize, of course).

On the other hand... what, exactly, does booing accomplish? Does one feel like you're contributing to your team's success, as if everyone down there was just content with showing up until they suddenly realized, "wait, people are booing! We need to play hard and win!"? Has booing ever been tangibly proven to improve a team or player's performance and ultimate success?

Or does it just make one feel better about wasting money on a ticket? Because that's just you booing yourself in the end -- if you were smart, you wouldn't have spent your hard-earned dollars on "enjoyment" that actually requires 11 drunken asshole athletes to actually achieve something. In that sense, isn't it just sour grapes?

So in the end, I think the fans have every right to boo, but booing serves little purpose other than making you look like a loudmouth booer. So if that's your thing, then go nuts, peeps.

Besides, if you REALLY want to express your displeasure, go with silence, or leave. Booing at least shows that you care. Silence or absence shows that you don't. Hit them where it hurts: the ego.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

I've never in my life booed for players on a team that I support. Ever. Never. And I never will.

SmartyBarrett said...

So is this like some sort of poll or something?

If so, I vote for "I don't give a fuck about BC Football"

Zach Martin said...


A Pimp Named DaveR said...

(Ssshhhhh.... It's so entertaining to watch them think their football program is nationally relevant.....)

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

#10 in the country last year. NUMBAH TENNNNNNNNNNN

Zach Martin said...

@ a pimp

(that may be hard considering they aren't even relevent in Boston.)


My freshman year at MU Ohio we were #11 in the country and held the longest winning streak in the country. NUMBAH ELEVENNNN. Things change, usually with the QB.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

Boston just has no idea what its missing!

/Car Quest Bowl Winner
//Continental Tire Bowl Winner
///KFC Family Bucket Bowl Winner

Zach Martin said...

@HMLS +1

I actually googled "KFC Family Bucket Bowl"

The A-Train said...

I've never in my life booed for players on a team that I support. Ever. Never. And I never will.

I've booed them enough to make up for it any then some. And said some really nasty things about their mothers, too.

Stanley Cup of Chowder said...

I wrote a post last year about when it is appropriate to heckle or boo.