Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Help Wanted. Irish Need Not Apply

Hey yo. One of the most popular weekly articles on our site is the Fantasy Football Nerdfest Review. Anyone want to guest post for this week? You get the opportunity to reach all 15 of our weekly readers with your zany wit, humor and dick jokes. Oh come on.

Qualified Applicants will:
* Be able to make diabetus, drinking, and whoring jokes in a variety of styles
* Ensure that every prediction you make will be completely wrong, unless its about HMLS losing
* Incorporate pictures of half naked women, cartoon characters from the 1980's, and LOLcatz.
* Make fun of at least one league owner for starting a player you think sucks. Then choke on your words on Monday when he scores 90 points because of our fantastic scoring system (JK FMRA)
* Openly mock team names that were either were lazily thrown together, crude, or just not funny.

Any takers?


Zach Martin said...

I would, but my Irish blood is cursing with Jameson infused rage and humus fueled diabeetus.

Rocco said...

I would, but I belive it's crystal clear I'm neither funny nor witty.

smurphette said...

Irish Need Not Apply

name sMURPHette implies most popular Irish surname; known Notre Dame alum


I see what you did there.