Friday, September 12, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Light night in sports all around, hope you all enjoyed your break from the Red Sox bullpen. Let's see what else happened last night in the world

* Fransisco Rodriguez or "K-Rod" tied the all time saves record of 57 that was held by Bobby Thigpen since 1990. Personally I think saves is one of the most over rated statistics in baseball. I mean look at Thigpen he had 57 that one season, and ended with below 200 for his career. Closers are valuable, don't get me wrong, getting out of a tight game is important and having someone like lets say Mike Timlin at the back end would be disastrous. However all KRod's record really shows is that the Angels won a lot of close games. If you plugged in Papelbon, Rivera, hell even Kevin Gregg into those situations they would have either matched or came close to K-Rod's record. Saves don't measure a hell of a lot. The Angels should really be looking at their Run Scored Differential which right now stands at +65. That is only good for 6th in the American League, they are behind the Rays, Red Sox, Blue Jays, White Sox and Twins or basically every other team that could be in the playoffs. The Angels are barely winning games, and that includes the 41 games they have played against the horrendous AL West. HMLS Prediction time: even though they are they first team to win their division the LA Angels of Anaheim will NOT make the World Series. Write it down.

* We have really never touched on this Vince Young gone crazy situation at MH. This week he disappeared without his cell phone (OH NO NOT THAT), and the media went bat crazy about it. Jesus leave the guy alone, if he is nuts isn't it his right to some god damn privacy? It doesn't seem like anyone will ever truly know what happened to the guy but it appears now that he is fully committed to return to the Titans. Well after he comes back from his knee injury. Crazy or not, Young has not shown much in the way of becoming a superstar QB, or a good QB at that. He is average in every sense of the word, he does just enough to not completely bury his team. But he is back to the Titans and he claims that everything is hunky dory. He won't be playing this week, but Tenn. enjoy week 2 with starting QB Kerry Collins! See Patriots fans, it could be worse, much much worse.

* Oh wait there was a game in New England, the Revolution played! . Well anyways they won 4-0. Yea, I don't care either.

* THE END IS NEIGH! The oncoming path-o-destruction of Hurricane Ike has caused a slew of cancellations in college football and baseball. According to the Dopler Weather Forecast, Ike is going to destroy everything and anyone in its path and if you are caught in the middle of it, well kiss the wife and kiddies goodbye. The Cubs and Astros had two games cancelled, which is kind of a bummer because the Astros have actually somewhat worked their way into the wild card hunt. For college football, well I am too lazy to type out what is going on but it includes a bunch of non powerhouse teams getting their games moved :
McNeese State also canceled its Lake Charles, Louisiana, home game versus Cal Poly; Oklahoma State's home game against Missouri State and Texas Christian's matchup with Stanford were moved to earlier starts; Air Force's game at Houston will be played in Dallas; and Baylor's home game versus Washington State will be played tonight instead of tomorrow afternoon.

Wait a minute, who did what in the whonow?

Enjoy your Friday you all, and Pimp Named Dave R prepare to meet your maker this weekend. I smell some serious PWNAGE coming up in our fantasy football league.


The A-Train said...

Crazy or not, Young has not shown much in the way of becoming a superstar QB, or a good QB at that

Merril Hoge, is that you!?

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

Ooh that one hurt.

(I am just very bitter about Young last year, I drafted him real high in like 5 fantasy football leagues and he burned me)

GHABB,Y~! said...

The end will only be neigh when we have Sarah Jessica Parker, Barbaro and Amalie Benjamin in the same room.