Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Welcome back from your long weekend, here is a breakdown of Monday's events

* This team is hot hot hot. The Sox continuing on their hot streak beat up Garrett Olsen and the hapless Orioles. Once again Dustin Pedroia was the hero scoring two on a CLUTCH two run double in the 6th inning. Jason Varitek continues to flourish, hitting a solo home run, it seems like all the Captain needed to do was divorce his wife. He has hit like 5 home runs in the past two weeks since the divorce and has hit in almost every game. I tell you guys, WE DONT NEED WOMEN, they just hold us down. Paul Byrd is now 3-1 for the Red Sox, and his ability to give up 4 solo home runs a game doesn't seem as bad as the cluster fuck 6 run innings that Buccholz was giving us. Papelbon came in the 9th and did not look strong at all bringing the tying run up to the plate, but the Orioles couldn't seal the deal. The Orioles are a VERY bad team, this can not be stated enough.

*NESN camera showed that at the game was Alicia Sacramone US Gymnast, who is one finnnne looking women. And get this, she is of age (20), isn't disgustingly thin and is from Boston. Hey Miss Alicia, if you want to hang out with an engaged blogger who surfs the internet all day email me. I don't care if you didn't win any individual medals, I'll treat you like a princess.

* Koby Clemens was krammed in the klink by the kreepy kops. No matter how low he gets, I can not get enough of watching Roger Clemens fail. True this is his fully grown son, but still to get arrested after a minor league baseball game? CLASSIC. Whats the matter Roger, too busy plowing 15 year old country singers to raise your own kids? I can't wait until Kory gets caught with a transvestite prostitute, Kody gets hooked on ecstasy, and Kacy stars in an Eddie Murphy movie.

* In an effort to bring more shitty Bengals over to the Pats, the Pats announced the signing of Deltha O'Neal. Really? We dump one shitty over the hill CB in Fernando Bryant and bring in one that just plain isn't very good? I know he has been to the Pro Bowl twice, he wasn't very good last year. He was on the Bengals for christ sakes. (By the way AFC North Preview coming at 2pm). This just looks like a stop gap move to fill in a void, I can't imagine he will be very effective. As mentioned before John Lynch was cut, but it seems that move was a temporary move. The Pats will probably bring Lynch back at some point during the season...fair enough. Chad Jackson cleared waivers and is free to suck on any team he chooses.


Rocco said...

WE DONT NEED WOMEN, they just hold us down.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Also, we like Alicia.

The A-Train said...

Just watch out for that left hook. It's wicked powahfah!

Rocco said...

Who's left hook?

The A-Train said...