Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

* Tonight is game two of the Rays and Red Sox in what feels like the 50th matchup of the year. For the second time in a week the match up will be Josh Beckett vs Andy Sonnanstine, who both were very effective. I have tried to effectively block out the last game which was completely fucked by the subject of our previous post (Please Mike don't kill me, I think you're a great pitcher). If you haven't forgotten or are having trouble repressing it, it was the extra inning shit fest. This is going to be a huge game for the Sox. First place is on the line which could be pivotal for this season because if we have to face the Angels again, I mean wouldn't you prefer playing the Twins or White Sox? Jason Bay left the team today to be home with his pregger wife, and will be out of the lineup. Pffft, can't that broad have the baby on her own? Jeez. But anyways, the rest of the lineup showed last night they can score, Ellsbury and Varitek even hit home runs in the same game. What's next a black president?

* Playoff ticket raffle winners were picked today, and since I have not received any confirmation notices to the 100 email addresses I registered it looks like I didn't win. If you were one of those lucky people who won, please take your favorite blogger. I shower once a week, talk about myself constantly, and I love to masturbate. No takers? Oh well, I still will into one of these games by either selling my right kidney on the black market or buying my tickets from Ace or Stubhub. Both will be equally painful. Just kidding StartingAces.

Prop Bet of the Night: Coco Crisp is placed on the 60 Day DL after tearing his rotator cuff after getting hit by Ray the Tampa mascot. After the game it is revealed that Crisp was hit not because of the earlier altercation between the Sox outfielder and James Shields, but because of an Underground Mascot conspiracy against him.

Real Prediction: Sonnanstine looked pretty good against the Sox last time he came out but I am going to follow in the shoes of FMRA. I don't think lightning will strike twice for him, Beckett is going to start to hit his playoff form and pitch seven strong. Sox win 7-2.

* This is completely off topic, but Nate Dogg had a second stroke this weekend. D-O-Double G was the silky smooth voice of West Coast hip hop, and boy did he love to smoke himself some weed. He seems young to have a stroke, but to already have two? That's pretty fucked up, maybe he should reevaluate some of his life values. Mainly, smoke less. Last week I posted his biggest hit Regulators, but let's go a little more obscure another hit with Warren G.

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