Thursday, August 7, 2008

RUMOR MILL: Brian Giles to become Red Sock, abandon carefree SoCal lifestyle

Word on the street is that the Red Sox have claimed Padres RF Brian Giles off the waiver wire. This means we now have 48 hours to work out a trade that would bring the lefty our way. Giles -- who, I'm sorry, will always be Brian "I Have an Inexplicably Homoerotic Relationship With My Little Brother" Giles to me -- has batted .293 with an OPS of .914 (park-adjusted OPS+ of 138) over 14 seasons in the majors. Though only a 2-time All-Star, there's no question that Giles is a steady producer who would do a neat job of bolstering the second half of the Sox lineup. With all the uncertainty surrounding Papi's wrist we need all the offensive production we can get (JED LOWRIE CANNOT CARRY THIS TEAM BY HIMSELF DAMMIT), and I guess it's smart to make a move on Giles before Tampa Bay (he'd be like 100 years older than anyone else on that team except Mike Difelice who is terrible) or Los Angeles can. Be nice to have another lefty in the lineup, too. Boston is actually one of the teams named in Giles' no-trade clause (WHY DON'T YOU LIKE US BRIAN?!), but I gather that doesn't affect trades made off waivers...

Brian Giles. Weird.

Anyway, stay tuned.

***UPDATE*** Giles' no-trade clause would, in fact, allow him to veto a trade offer to Boston. Thank you to CTC for giving me the wrong information, and to the 80,000 other people who bombarded me with emails and IMs to tell me I'd gotten it wrong. I FUCKING HATE ALL OF YOU.

muchas gracias a Camp Tiger Claw para las noticias


Rocco said...

As long as they're not shaving each other in the shower, I don't think that's homoerotic.

The A-Train said...

80,000 people? I think you're over-exaggerating this blog's readership a touch in that:

A) There aren't that many of us
B) We really don't give a shit

Vern said...

He can waive that, and I don't see why he wouldn't be apt to do so unless he likes sucking (I guess he does live in SoCal, but still).