Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Godfather of MH: Will Leitch Returns to Boston

It was about two months ago that Will Leitch left his post as editor at Deadspin to take a position with the New Yorker New York Magazine. It was a great move for Will: he got to write for a prestigious magazine and expand his readership beyond a group of losers sitting in their mom's basements. He still occasionally writes for DS, but for the most part he has been quiet on the interwebs. Unbeknown to myself, Will recently took another job writing for both the Sporting News, and -- this blew me away: Yes, that is right, the "home of the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics," where the vile racists Dennis and Callahan call home, just hired the King of the Underground; the guy who took on main stream media. Consider my mind blown.

WEEI is a radio station filled with old cranky white men sprinkled with Michael Holley and Larry Johnson. Like many sports fans in the Hub, I have listened to the station for years. I was hooked as a kid listening to Eddie Andelman ramble about all the great places to eat in Boston. The station has changed, yet one thing that is consistent across the shows is that all of these hosts HATE blogs. It's pretty ironic listening to a group of people who probably know as much about sports as you and I rip us. They envy us because we don't have anyone to answer to, and we can make as many gay and dick jokes as we want. In return, bloggers ignore them because, really, 95% of the stuff they report on is horsecrap. But still they dig at blogs.

As most of you know the five editors met because of Will Leitch. It was almost six months ago that I met A Pimp Named Dave R**, Sh!tshow, futuremrsrickankiel, and GHABB,Y! at the God Save the Fan book signing. Two weeks and a pile of beers later, Mass Hysteria was born. It is safe to say that many of us started writing this blog because of the sterling job he did over at Deadspin. We all in some way wanted to be like Will... just less emo. In a sense, Mass Hysteria is the bastard child of Will Leitch: a spawn that he created while drunk after a terrible one night stand.

Part of me thinks Will is too good for the clowns over at WEEI, and another part of me aches to see his great work buried in one of the backpages of their websites. It also makes me want to vomit that does not allow comments on any of the blogs. What good is Will if we can't rip him? Lame. Will was always loyal to us at Mass Hysteria. Whenever we needed a post linked on Deadspin he always helped us out. We can really never thank him enough, but consider this the first payment. So do us all a favor: turn off The Big Show, and read one of Will's columns. It will be worth your time. And oh yeah: welcome to Boston, Will.

Will Post #1: Red Sox Fans Don't Know How Lucky They Are

Will Post #2: The Outsider

** Ed. Note: I wasn't there, due to the fact that I didn't get out of work until about 8:30 that night, which doesn't work well with a 7:30 book signing that's 15 miles away. I think HMLS ran into my evil twin, A Federal Mann Act Enforcer For The FBI Named Jimmy.


GHABB,Y~! said...

I'm not nearly good looking enough for such a man to touch me in an inappropriate fashion. All I get is guys who look like Carl from Aqua Teen asking to touch my feet wheezing audibly.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Damn it, GHABBY, I told you I was sorry, and that I thought you were someone else. Let it go.

Zach Martin said...

It's pretty ironic listening to a group of people who probably know as much about sports as you and I rip us.

I used to work at TheScore (the Chicago version of WEEI, from what I gather) trust me when I say that they know WAY less than your average sports blogger. WAY LESS. They may know who people are, but they no nothing about the actual sport.

What seperates them from us are: 1) They were there when sports radio began. 2) They are quick with the tongue (important skill). 3) They are a name (even if it is for bad reasons)

Besides that they are misinformed, former water boys with a chip on their shoulder, mostly.

Zach Martin said...

Please ignore the 100 grammatical errors in the last sentence. Meh.

Sh!tShow said...

Ahhh, I remember it vividly.

I lost fifty bucks and Will asked if I was SuperMike.