Sunday, August 31, 2008

Enjoy rotting on the IR you sack of crap

Want to watch some really bad freestyle rap aimed at Tom Brady? This is Osi HumanUrine last month on the Mike and Mike Show (minus both Mikes), when encouraged to drop a Shaq esque free style rap at Tom Brady, he delivers a pile of shit of epic proportions. Osi, you have a year to work on your rap skills, because right now you are on the level of Mike Jones. And that ring? Yeah, enjoy that its the only one you are ever going to get. Mark it in your books the Giants are not going to even be a .500 team this year.



lanceoceanside said...

But he does have one really awesome shiny ring. Maybe the best one ever. 18-1

*Packers fan who paid BIG for NFC championship tix to see the Giants kick us in the balls.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

My therapist said that the best way to deal with my PTSD from last years Super Bowl is to express my anger. Beats pounding beers to hold back my tears.