Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Confessions from the Heights

Let it be known, HZMLS is a huge BC Eagles fan, unload on me if you must. I bleed Maroon and Gold, I take it to the Heights, my cell phone ring was "For Boston" at one point, well you get the picture. Some of my favorite sports memories involve BC in some way, the Matt Ryan hail mary pass last year against VT, the hockey team winning two national championships, and the Craig Smith/Jared Dudley era in basketball. I went to school at BC, I worked at BC at one point, and I am going to get married at BC next year. I have had season tickets to all three major BC sports teams, and take pride wearing my throwback Flutie jersey all the time. I understand few people in Massachusetts feel the same way I do about BC, but this is my blog so this is my soapbox. I have tried to become the poster boy as a BC fan, I watch every game the football team plays, I go to all the home games, yet armed with this passion I still fall into the traps of a stereotypical BC fan.

BC has a proud tradition of "Superfans" that come to every home game. Now don't get it twisted, there isn't the sheer volume of a Ohio State or USC, but we still have a rocking student crowd and a loyal group of season ticket holders. I have been part of both groups. Being a BC student there is an unwritten code for being a good fan. Before the game starts you drink on the baseball field, you show up for the game lit around the 2nd quarter, you spend most of halftime sobering up, and then you leave in the 3rd quarter to resume drinking again. This is was great, but when BC joined the ACC the police shut down tailgates during the game and the town of Newton is full of entitled rich people so day long tailgating is completely out of the question. This type of debauchery was great for go round at BC, but as an Alum things some things changed. You had two options, you could go to the games and freeze your ass off sitting around old people who refuse to a) stand b) wear anything BC related c) showed up about 40% of the time. OR You could go and find the undergrads and drink with them. I chose the latter.

I have a staunch belief that there is a national bias against BC football, which is somehow sewn into the campus wide inferiority complex at the Heights. My paranoia stems from the lack of respect our teams get every year, not in the National top 25 before the start of the season, top 20 to end it. Last year for instance, we had the #1 QB in the country and a veteran defense yet in many polls we never cracked the top 25 (preseason), BA-LOW ME. I get pissed off as hell when I hear ESPN or or any other sports outlet refuse to even to acknowledge that BC has a chance to win the ACC. BC will never be an elite squad, they will never rank as high as Texas....oh wait....

Ok all jokes aside, I think BC is consistently one of the best programs in the country, always with 10+ wins, invites to all sorts of bowl games (true every single one of them is some shitty one played on December 27th in Nashville Tennessee). Do we have what it takes to make it to an elite bowl game? Absolutely. So who's fault is it that BC is never invited? ME. ITS MY FUCKING FAULT. Our fans do not travel, in fact I do not travel, if BC made the Orange Bowl last year I would have not gone. Does that make a shitty fan? Maybe, or its just that I make crap for money.

BC has produced a shit load of starting QB's (Flutie, Hasselbecks, Ryan, ummmm....), an assload of Offensive Linemen (Woody, Koppen, Pete Kendall) and a fuckload of RB's (Mike Cloud & Willie Green). Ok well, at least they've produced some quality QB's and OL's.The key to BC's success in the past has been a monster OL that gives a pretty good QB the time to get the ball to a bunch of crappy WRs. I understand BC has no and will never have a legitimate WR. Every WR on this team is 5'8 and 180lbs has decent hands and is guaranteed to never go into the NFL. Last year my eyes glazed over watching Matt Ryan try to get the balls to a littany of poor receivers, yet he did it. I pray that some day BC will line up a HUGE WR that can match up against any CB, I pray, Please?

And as a BC football fan, I don't get how the rest of this country loves college sports especially football, but New England for the most part doesn't give a shit. I get it, if you didn't go to BC you probably find the people who go to the school "elitist" or "a giant medley of douchebags", but the complete apathy by this state is mind blowing. When BC was #2 in the country last year, it was fourth fiddle in this state, behind the Pats/Celtics/and Sox (luckily still ahead of the Bruins). If you are bored/hung over on a Saturday this fall turn on the TV and watch a little Eagles football. This season might be rough for BC, no Matt Ryan to carry them, but believe me they are going to be competive. The media may write them, but they will be going to a bowl again this year and they will make noise in the ACC.


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