Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bud Selig should not watch the Olympics

As Michael Phelps takes the world by storm, NBC and the other networks broadcasting in Beijing easily forget some of the other sports that are played. Baseball for instance, is never on prime time. It seems the rest of America doesn't get excited watching American superstars Jayson Nix, Terry Tiffee and ex Red Sox "stud" Blaine Neal (who are on the verge of getting eliminated after losing to Cub-ah). The Olympic Rules Committee knew how to get baseball attention, by fucking with the rules of the game:

"The tiebreaker - if teams are tied after 10 innings, each half-inning begins with runners on first and second and no outs; in the 11th, managers can start their lineup at any place"

Screwing around with the game rules is a great way to legitimize a relatively new Olympic sport. Hey why not just go back to Little League rules, where everyone gets a chance to hit, you can take a player out of the game and put him back in, and every one gets a chance to play every game. Jay Payton would be very happy about these new rules.

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