Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Credit to With Leather for the pic

* Well that was rough. Staked with a four run lead, Clay Buchholz and the motley crew in the bullpen gave back 11. Our "phenom" had trouble throwing strikes, falling behind hitters, and looked lost on the mound. Fuck him, I am done with him. On the brighter side, after being pulled from the mound Theo did what I was yelling at him to do for weeks. DEMOTE CLAY BUCHHOLZ!!!!! The best part of this story is that Buchholz will be sent to AA Portland to work with a pitching coach Tito prays will fix our broken prodigy. The Sox did not make a move to correspond with this, they were just hell bent on getting rid of Buchholz as soon as possible. After Dice-K's walkathon win on Tuesday, the bullpen was already decimated and on Weds they almost ran out of pitchers. The Sox pen was so stretched that Alex Cora was warming in the pen. You can thank Mike Timlin/Hideki Okajima for preventing this game from getting completely out of hand, wow four innings of scoreless ball from these two? Sox suck balls 11-6.

* It seems like FutureMrsRickAnkiel got ahold of Julio Lugo and made sure he was taken care of. Our wifeLIGHT hitting shortstop pulled his quadricep and will be re-evaluated tomorrow. Jesus FMRA, you were supposed to get him to TEAR his quadricep, not pull it. YOU FAILED. If we actually to pull Lowrie from the lineup for this piece of shit, it is your fault. I blame you and I encourage the rest of the MH to throw her under the bus as well.

* In the Olympics (I know they suck, I was stuck camping with a group of people who thought it was fascinating), steroids are rocking the games. No new human athletes popped positive, the horses are now cheating. Looks like the Germans and Brazilians believe that their horses needed a competitive advantage for jumping, but if these horses fail they will make a hell of a glue. In other Olympic news Misty May and that other chick won the Olympic gold in beach volleyball. Yeah, I don't really care, it just gives me another excuse to post a picture of the two of them.

*Tom Brady returned to the practice field yesterday without a wrap on his foot. I finally stopped hyper ventilating. The thought of Matt Cassell/Gutterierez/O'Connell starting a professional football game made me queasy and a little light headed. The "FUCK YOU NFL WE ARE GOING 19-0" Tour is back on track. Yeah, I went there.


The A-Train said...

*sigh* you mean I have to wait another four years before I see Misti May (fuck you, Matt Treanor) in a bikini again? Damn you, IOC! [shakes fist in anger]

shaun said...

So is Tom going to continue his streak of showing up on the injury report with a bum shoulder, yet playing anyways?