Thursday, August 14, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

* Contrary to GHABY's prediction, the season isn't over yet. In fact the Sox are winning, 3 out of their last 4, and 6 out of their last 8. Jon Lester continued the "I beat Cancer and now I will Destroy you" tour to completely shut down the vaunted Rangers offense. Lester made it into the 8th inning throwing a shut out before he ran out of gas, Ian Kinsler broke up the shut out with a home run over the Green Monster. The new look Red Sox are still hitting without that dreadlocked piece of shit that plays in LA, other players are stepping up. No longer worried about being sucker punched, Youkilis continued his torrid pace going 3-4 and driving in two more runs. Mike Timlin did his best Manny Delcarmen impression coming into the game and immediately allowing the Rangers back into it. But new super set up man Justin Masterson came in to the game in the 9th got into a jam, turned it on and ended the game without any more damage. Sox win 8-4.

* The Yankees are coming back to "The Stadium" with their tail wedged between their legs. Kevin Slowey who overcame an onslaught of terrible nicknames as a teen, threw six innings of great baseball. The Yanks are now 6 games behind the Red Sox and 9 games back of the Rays. I would love to say that they are out of the playoffs but until they are mathematically eliminated I can/will NEVER say the Yanks are out of a playoff race. The Fucking Rays won again, beating the terrible A's and Justin "Douche"erer 3-2, with a go ahead double by Ben Zobrist in the 7th. Really, Ben Zobrist? The only guy in the majors who has a name further down in the alphabet than Charlie Zink. Sox don't make any gains in either the wild card or AL EAST Race.

* In football John Lynch met with the Patriots yesterday at Foxboro to talk about a spot on the team. Lynch, who is 36 was released by the Broncos on August 1st when it was said Lynch lost a step. The Pats are in need of a safety, after Tank Williams was placed on the IR with a season ending injury. My stomach churned, and my eyes glazed over when I heard that the Pats were interested in him. The Pats have plenty of other options for safety, and none of them are 36 years old, and I'm pretty sure they are better than John Lynch. But hey, with Junior Seau gone (?) Belichick needs to ensure that he has the oldest player (not named Brett Favre) in the NFL lined up on defense. On a completely unrelated topic, Brett Favre is taking fewer snaps at QB because he is suffering from "arm fatigue". Poor baby, I guess that is what happens when you insist on playing football at 55.

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SmartyBarrett said...

Mike Timlin did his best Mike Timlin impression coming into the game and immediately allowing the Rangers back into it.


futuremrsrickankiel said...

That does NOT look like a balanced and nutritious breakfast to me.

Pepster said...

I don't know about balanced and nutritious, but definitely delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hey, found this site when one of you linked it on Awesome blog, it's good to hear about Boston sports from people who actually live there (I reside in Texas, but was born in Rhode Island, so screw Texas teams). Refreshing to hear our side of things from people with a brain, instead of the rest of the world just jealous of our recent successes in sports (we're still waiting on you, Bruins).

Wanted to comment on the Favre thing. This guy left his house last week for the first time since like, January, and he's complaining about his arm. I don't even play football, and I'm quite sure I could throw for five days without 'fatigue'.

Then again, at 26, I'm like half his age too....