Thursday, August 7, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Go show your boob somewhere else.

* See...See the Red Sox can win on the road. Tim "Cy Young of the Staff" Wakefield pitched another gem, retiring 12 of the first 13, and overcame a rough 5th inning to win his 7th game of the year 8-2. You can pencil me in as a Jason Bay fan, as he stretched his hit streak to 8 games after a 2-5 night. Critics of the trade are right, he will never replace the power of Manny, but my god he can hit, run the bases and play a solid LF. Jed Lowrie continues to show that he is capable of being in the Sox lineup, driving in 2 more (thats 11 in the past month), and raising his average to .290. This team can still hit, whomever said that the Red Sox will stop driving in runs without Manny is stupid. Next on the hit list? The Chicago White Sox and their insane manager Ozzie Guillen, hopefully he won't have his pitchers throw at our hitters. Nothing beats getting your ass suspended in the middle of a pennant race, that is great leadership right there.

* I hate to bring up #4, but it looks like this soap opera is finally over. HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!! Fav-rah was finally traded last night to the ****Drum roll*** NEW YORK JETS! Yes, the Pats get to face that crying-self centered loser twice a year, including a trip to the Meadowlands in week 2. Jesus, it makes me excited to think that Adalius Thomas and Richard Seymour will have the opportunity to level him. It's finally over can you believe it? Will this make the Jets a legitimate contender? I doubt it, it just makes them even older, but Favre is a better than the Pennington and Kellen Clemens so they probably will win a few more games. Rachel Nichols and Chris Mortensen simultaneously imploded over the news. Will NY be a good fit for Favre? Well,living in New York will leave him no place to hunt, hate blacks and do whatever else people from Mississippi do. Let the Johnny Unitas comparisons begin. Commence projectile vomiting.

* In the AL EAST battle the Sox gained no ground thanks to the complete incompetence of the Cleveland bullpen. The Tribe went into the 9th up 7-4, and ended up losing 10-7. Masa Kobayashi and Edward Mujica sucked ass, and made the Indians pine for the days of Joe Borowski (who still hasn't decided on whether or not to accept a minor league assignment for the Sox). Well the Rays walked off with the win when Carlos Pena launched a grand slam, and the Rays continue to win. The Yankees continued to keep pace with the Sox, as Sidney Ponson somehow continues to win games, he must have been loaded. Yankees win, THEEEEEEEEEE YAAANNNNKEEEEES WIN. Sorry, that was all I could think of.


Rocco said...

I'm going to implode cause now all Buffalo sports talk radio will talk about is how the Bills face the Jets and Favre twice. Don't worry, there aren't penant races going on. Thanks WGR.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Can we declare some kind of moratorium on Favre talk? I really can't take any more.