Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

Red Sox v. Rangers, 7:05 pm. As I noted in a less-than-rigorously-analytical post last night, the Sox will be taking their brand-spanking-new knuckleballing rookie Charlie Zink for a spin tonight. Zink has pitched admirably for the PawSox this year and, as I noted, is rather easy on the eyes. NOT THAT IT SHOULD MATTER THIS IS A SERIOUS WEBSITE FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE. Ahem! Anyway, tonight's matchup will feature Zink (13-4, 2.89 in Pawtucket) against the gruesomely unremarkable Scott Feldman (4-5, 4.82) and Texas' league-leading offense. It'll be a good test for little Charlie, as he'll be facing a tough lineup but will likely be poised to receive some decent run support if he can deliver the goods. Don't miss it!

Incidentally, I simply cannot believe that I fell asleep for 2 FUCKING HOURS and woke up to this Paul Byrd mess. Allow me, if I may, to reveal to you an IM conversation I had with my friend Nick just last night:

futuremrsrickankiel: guhhhh I know I should be glad Evan Longoria is injured
futuremrsrickankiel: but he's just so goddamn cute
Nicholas: is there a baseball player you don't like?
Nicholas: you seem to love all manner of bball players
futuremrsrickankiel: I fucking hate Paul Byrd

Um. Yeah. That's where I stand on that. BLECH. The D-Backs get Dan Haren, the Brew Crew gets C.C. Sabathia, the Cubbies get Rich Harden, and we get Paul "Ma'am, it'll be a couple of weeks before we can get the part to fix that" Byrd. KILL ME. KILL ME NOW.

Frivolous prop bet of the night: Despite the fact that the Rangers would be about as effective in the post-season as a butter knife in a gang fight, they're currently hot on our heels for the AL Wild Card (they do, after all, play the Mariners 19 times this season). You know what that means: MORE REHASHING OF THE JOSH HAMILTON SAGA. I love Josh Hamilton and his oh-so-smooth swing, I really do... but it'll be a damn shame if his story overshadows all the hard work the rest of his teammates (except for the godawful pitching staff) are doing. Anyway, look for The Ballad of Josh and Yayo to come up at least 3 times tonight.

Serious prediction of the night: A first-in-the-majors win for Zink. Boom!


A Pimp Named DaveR said...


Ex-Phillie = AWESOME.

End of debate.

Rocco said...

19-17. Seriously?

The A-Train said...

Both the Yankees and Red Sox seemed to want to win the game in the least-effective way last night. Be it giving up a ten-run lead, or having your ├╝ber-closer blow it so you have to win in extra innings.

I was hoping for the Red Sox to lose last night. You know, schandenfreude and all that.