Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

Red Sox v. Royals, 8:10 pm. Last night was disappointing in the sense that there was none of the fighting I had specifically requested, but it was beyond excellent to see Everyone's Favorite Heartthrob Jacoby Ellsbury snap a 1-for-12 hitting slump with two hits AND steal two bases (his first since July 1). Ellsbury was all hot to trot at the beginning of this season, but his numbers have fallen off of late. Glad to see him returning to form, as there's no doubt our fresh-faced rookie will play a key role in our pennant push down the stretch. Tonight, it's that time of the rotation as knuckler Tim Wakefield (6-8, 3.77) squares off against Kansas City's Luke Hochevar (6-9, 5.42). Our boy Timmy's looked good lately but can't seem to convince the Soxies to give him any run support -- the last game he tossed was that oh-so-memorable 12-inning win against the A's on Jason Bay's first night in Boston, which Wake exited with a 1-0 lead after 6.1 that was later erased. The Indians are unbelievably lame and just blew a 7-4 lead to Tampa Bay in the 9th (final score 10-7 Rays), so we'll need a win tonight in order to keep pace with Evan Longoria and his Squad of Awesome. COME ON BOSTON SCORE SOME RUNS.

My god. Reread that. That's like... the most sincere paragraph I've written in ages. What a solid and heartfelt game preview.

Fuck that noise! On to the irreverent commentary and Gil Meche jokes.

Frivolous prop bet of the night: With Mark Teahen in town, Jason Bay is sure to round him up for a wild, Canadian-style night on the town that can only result in debauchery, broken hearts, and arrests polite apologies and perhaps some spilled maple syrup.

Serious prediction of the night:

Jed Lowrie has hit safely in 7 of his last 10 games for a total of 9 hits (including 2 doubles and 2 triples) and 10 RBIs. BOY IS HITTY AS FUCK. I bet HR #2 off the hapless Hochevar is due for my boo tonight. Incidentally, I'd just like it noted here that I'm the first kid on the block with a Lowrie shirt. BOOYAH.


The A-Train said...

Incidentally, I'd just like it noted here that I'm the first kid on the block with a Lowrie shirt.

I bet it's pink too

futuremrsrickankiel said...


Grimey said...

You can always BeDazzle it

SmartyBarrett said...


ho shaver.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

OK FINE. Not a home run... but a 2-run double is still PRETTY EFFING AWESOME. Hitty as fuck and all that.

And Jacoby's homer? BEAUTIFUL.

Rocco said...

Hey, at least I got to catch the end of the Mets game after mowing the lawn last night.