Friday, July 18, 2008

This Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

So Bob Lobel -- who is still extremely well-connected in this town, despite no longer being on WBZ -- went on WEEI this morning and dropped a couple of atomic bombs on us concerning Mr. Manny B. Manny....

(1) Manny was fined in the six figures for his shove of travelin' secretary Jack McCormick.

But that's not surprising -- you figured the team was going to do something after that little incident. No, the bomb was....

(2) ... that Manny's taking three straight strikes from Mo Rivera on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball was may have been* an intentional "fuck you" to ownership.

Now far be it from me to argue against sticking it to The Man.... but if this is true, I mean, wow. (And let's be honest -- don't we all believe that this is exactly the sort of thing that Manny would do?) This wasn't some relatively harmless bird-flipping in the 2nd inning or something. This was in the ninth inning of a tie game against the Yankees, with the go-ahead run standing on third. I mean, there's Manny Being Manny, and then there's something that would be absolutely, utterly inexcusable -- and frankly, grounds for an immediate release or a very public benching for the remainder of the season.

Lobel may be wrong, of course. But part of me -- a large part of me -- suspects that he is correct in what he says. Ramirez has been uncharacteristically prickly recently, to the point of being almost aggressively hostile in his comments. Something is therefore up, and the fine triggering a series of petulant outbursts from MBM is a perfectly logical series of events.

This could be bad, people. The SS Red Sox has been on pretty placid waters for most of the Francona era... but this could be Nomar all over again.


*[APNDR update: Upon further investigation, it appears that Lobel was implying more that the Sox front office PERCEIVES the at-bat as a deliberate fuck-you, not stating outright that it WAS a deliberate fuck-you. Therefore, I have clarified the wording.]

APNDR Further Update: Gordon Edes reports via that the six-figure-fine report is "wildly overstated", and that the actual fine was in the $10k-$15k range. The Sox, unsurprisingly, have refused to specifically comment on the issue. As Drudge would say, developing.....


Anonymous said...

All you have to do is watch the at-bat and you can tell it wasn't a 'fuck you' to anyone.

When Lobel dies in a fire, I'm throwing a party.

Rocco said...

Either way, Manny is gone after this year. He feels unwanted since they placed him on waivers. He'll want a 3-4 year deal and someone will pay him. I don't think Boston will.