Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ok, On Three Everyone Go Deep

Need a fresh new approach to a stagnant offense? Want to try a new and original system that could take your league by storm? Tired of throwing the ball to James Thrash and Joe Horn? Instead how would you rather send a down lineman 30 yards down field on a slant route? Then the A-11 offense is for you.

Is this witchcraft? Heresy? Something created for Matt Millen? Short answer, yes.

The A-11 offense is designed for a team to have two starting QB's lined up in a shotgun formation. It was created by a group of small high school programs out in California that wanted a chance to compete against some of the bigger programs. All of the players have to wear numbers that would allow them to be eligible receivers, spread all of the players with a TE hiking the ball and you have the A 11 offense. Of course you can only have 6 players eligible but that is the whole fun of this thing. Lots of positives about trying this new system, you don't have obese lineman constantly getting hurt, you keep the defense guessing, and according to the "A11 website" it's fun for everyone. Whoopee!!!

The only negative about the A-11? Well, see some refs feel that this is illegal, but no worries the A-11 association has a whole cheat sheet to convince the refs that the rule book allows it!

How could this translate to the NFL?

Dallas Cowboys- Terrell Owens gets in fight with both Tony Romo and Drew Hensen as they both fail to "give me the ball"

San Fransisco 49ers- Alex Smith becomes frustrated with his team as the entire team fails to ever get open.

Houston Texans- Don't get what the big deal is, as they have played with no offensive line for the past four years anyway.

Green Bay Packers- Brett Favre throws a vicodin induced fit, as he refused to share the backfield with anyone.

How well does the A-11 system actually work, well the guy who created it won an undefeated High School Championship in Cali. Jesus for a team like the Bills, it couldn't make their offense worse right? Right? Something about this whole system seems cheesy, I smell late night TV promos following Tom Emanski.


Rocco said...

I almost want to take you seriously. Yahoo ran this story last week, they said it's 2 coaches at a small CA school that plays against bigger schools, so they came up with this. Since, some college and pros coaches have contacted him. He claims he submitted everything to whatever governing body for high school football there is and they ok'd it.

/too serious for here?

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

I know, that is where I found out about it. I'm not aiming for a breaking news story, I just wanted to put my own spin on it. And it gives me an opportunity to make fun of Brett Favre again, which is always a plus.

Rocco said...

Brett Favre is an American Hero.