Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ok, it's time to freak out

Here we go, the season is beginning to unwind. TIME TO PANIC. The Yankees haven't lost in weeks, the Rays are still winning while our beloved Red Sox continue to struggle. Manny is half-assing it out on the field, Clay Buchholz is throwing batting practice, our bullpen is terrible. How many answers will Theo be able to pull from the minors?


*Trade Manny- He's gone at the end of the season. Get another power bat now and let him destroy another clubhouse. Adam Dunn and Jason Bay are both available, spin Manny to another contender for some prospects and throw them to the Reds and Pirates. Manny's goodwill in Boston is over.

* DO NOT TRADE FOR BRIAN FUENTES- The Rox wanted Clay Buchholz for him. Please remember that Colorado took him out of the closer role because he sucked. In fact none of these relievers that are floating around seem very good.

*Breathe. We still have two months to go, a few series against the Orioles/Jays could easily put the Sox on the right track. Look I am freaking out as much as everyone else, but things are going to gel. Justin Masterson will fill in fine, Okajima will regain his form and Papi will complete this lineup.

Let's take the final game and move on....


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Pepster said...

If you trade for Longoria, does that mean you want Mike Lowell, the best Cuban in the game today, on the benhc?

Rocco said...

Don't forget the September schedules. Boston has 16 home 9 away. Tampa: 10 and 17. NYY: 10 and 16. That's good for at least 3 games to the good for Boston.