Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Manny Being Northwesty -- Why Not?

I'd really like to do a full-on post about possible trading partners for the Red Sox on the Manny Ramirez front -- because the Sox WILL absolutely trade him if the right deal is offered -- but sadly real life is in the way, and I don't have the time to do a proper, well-researched glib post.

I did want to throw one possibility out there, though, that I have not seen discussed in the blogowebisphere, or even floated out there: what about moving him to Seattle for Raul Ibanez?

The Mets had been talking with the Mariners about a potential Ibanez deal, one of the multiple feelers they sent out towards the goal of filling their gaping hole (Fernando Tatis) in left field. However, the deal never got off the ground, because the Mets have apparently decided to stick with Tatis, at least until the waiver deadline. (That could, of course, change in a Wilpon Minute.) So we know the Mariners are at least open to discussing the option of trading Ibanez.

The question is, of course, "Why would the Mariners want Manny Ramirez?" And the answer would be -- they don't. At all. However, if the Sox and Mariners could put together a straight deal for Ibanez, I'm sure the Sox could find a way to convince (i.e. pay) the Mariners to take on Manny for the remainder of the year as an add-on.

Here's the problem, though -- the Mariners, who don't really need to do anything (they'd probably be happy with the draft pick(s) they'd get if Ibanez walked at the end of this year), would probably look to extort any trading partner in the deal. And by "extort", I mean the discussion would probably BEGIN with Ellsbury and Masterson, and the debate would be who else gets thrown in. For the rental of a 34-year-old outfielder, albeit one with a good bat. On the other hand, if the Mariners truly believe that they will not be able to resign Ibanez after this season (or if they just don't want to), they may, as the deadline approaches, be more reasonable in deciding to take back someone who is a more known quantity than "whomever is available at pick #220 in next year's draft". If the price came down -- say, to a B-level prospect and a couple of very-low-level projects -- I think the Sox would jump at the chance to be rid of Manny while getting some measure of offense back.

But right now, I just don't see anything happening on the Manny front. The Sox are holding a pair of twos in this poker game, and everyone else knows it. Nobody out there truly needs to rent Manny. And this ownership/management group doesn't seem likely to give the farm away just to be rid of a problem. So I think Thursday will come and go, and Manny will still be being Manny in left field at Fenway.

But you never know.

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GHABB,Y~! said...

Manny's not going anywhere other than Plaster Fun Time to paint himself a turtle or a dinosaur.