Thursday, July 17, 2008

Come get hysterical with us!

Feeling bored at work? (Duh, or you wouldn't be wasting time reading this website.) Looking for a new source of frustration over things you can't control? (Ulcers are fun for the whole family!) Think you're cool enough to play ball with the Mass Hysteria crew? (Trust me, you are.)

Then join our fantasy football league! It'll be a standard Yahoo! H2H league and will include lots and lots of shit-talking via email. Those of you who are regular commenters (hi, Rocco and Pepster!) as well as passers-by are all welcome -- just shoot me an email at futuremrsrickankiel (at) gmail (dot) com. Maybe include a sentence about why you're cool or what your favorite thing to do at summer camp was or whether or not you like cheese fries. Just so we're all friends, ya dig? There may or may not be amusing site features based off of what happens in this league, so this is your chance to become famous (not really). Anyway, hit me up if you're down and we'll go from there, and before you know it you'll be this guy:

Yeah, dummy, you drafted your running backs too early and wound up with Jake Delhomme. WHOSE FAULT IS THAT?


Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

Being the football editor at this fine blog I am ashamed to admit that I am one of the worst Fantasy football players in the world. Last year being a prime example of my ineptitude:

1. I drafted Vince Young real early, felt he had the ability to be a cant miss QB (maybe points on par with Vick). Totally underestimated that he is slow and has absolutely no WR's.

2. Steve Smith- yeah with Vinny Testaverde throwing you the ball you suck.

3. Reggie Bush- Knee injuries woopee!

So if you want the chance to watch me fall on my face again please join our league!

futuremrsrickankiel said...

I, by contrast, am a STONE COLD FANTASY ASSASSIN. I'm also a world-class trash-talker and will convince you to make trades that will ultimately destroy you. Mwahahah.

Am I kidding? Am I serious? Join and find out?

Rocco said...

I'm in, and you'll be thanking me. Why? I went 0-14 last year. By week 3 half my starters were either on IR, or in Marvin Harrison's case, "week-to-week" for 14 weeks. Best $70 I ever spent.

/I follow hockey not football.

Pepster said...

Yeah - fantasy football season is here. In fact, my buddies (and I use that term very lightly - it is actually a former co-worker and his not-so-smart [OK dumb] friends) just scheduled our draft.

I always look forward to this time of year!

By the way - if you are a world class trash-talker - and I am not saying you aren't, I am going to assume that it is well thought out and intelligent smack, rather than stupid drivel that most think counts as trash talk.

(In case you cannot infer from the above - I would love to be in your league - already sent e-mail per instructions).

Rocco said...

The draft is the best part. By best part I mean 6 hours of sitting around drinking beers going through 23 rounds and "Who should I take as my 6th WR?".

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Dear god, football drafts take SO LONG.

/purchases lots of beer
/drafts Atari Bigby twice
/refuses to correct error

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Intellivision Bigby is better.

Rocco said...

Thread jack:

Because I read it often and it always makes me laugh.

Rocco said...

No url tags? F me. Copy and paste bitches.