Monday, July 7, 2008

Breaking News: People Are Idiots

I mean. Wouldn't be the Fourth of July weekend in the birthplace of the American Revolution without a little AL East-on-AL East violence, right?

So an innocent family driving a car with New York plates ('cause, ya know, THEY'RE FROM NEW YORK) shows up at a fireworks show in Falmouth on Saturday night. The show ends -- lovely time had by all, I'm sure -- and they're pulling away from the show when some fuckface 20-year-old comes up to the car and starts hollering about how the Yankees suck. Typical drunk Masshole behavior ***NOT IN ANY WAY ENDORSED BY THIS FINE SITE.*** The New York guy sticks up for himself. So, in retribution, said 20-year-old thug goes into a house, GRABS AN ALUMINUM BAT, AND COMES BACK AND STARTS HITTING THE GUY IN THE FACE WITH IT. Note that the poor NY guy was still stuck there because there was traffic leaving the fireworks display. Somehow I feel like this was not how Thomas Jefferson, et. al. would have hoped to see their actions memorialized. Wasn't "repeated injuries and usurpations" specifically what they took issue with?

Did I get all that?

Sheesh. Dude wasn't even a serious baseball fan. Nor was the guy who attacked him, either... what kind of REAL baseball fan would use an ALUMINUM bat?! THAT'S NOT THE WAY THE GAME WAS MEANT TO BE PLAYED DAMMIT!

(thanks to baseball whore Camp Tiger Claw for the story)


A Pimp Named DaveR said...


Can we just go ahead and ban aluminum bats now, please?

/totally missing the point

Rocco said...

/Still amazed at the aluminum bat hate here kids. I guess when only your wooden bat leagues are good enough for snobby massholes. Just kidding I hate aluminum too.
//hit with wood in high school even though I didn't have to.
///wasn't quite DI material anyway.

Rocco said...

Just poor grammar.

/proof read next time.
//word veri: cntbisad