Thursday, July 10, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

* So, yesterday I predicted a close game between the Twins and the Red Sox. Well I was right for about 7 innings, before the Red Sox decided they had enough and beat the ever loving shit out of Minnesota 18-5. The Sox overcame Josh Beckett pitching like shit again, and carried him to his 9th win. Everyone who picked up a bat had a hit, yes that even included Jason Varitek who had two hits. Youkilis and Kevin Cash both had home runs and Dustin Pedroia extended his hitting streak to 17 games and with the way he is hitting that streak stands a chance to go for a long time. The play of the game was an overturned triple play that happened when Dernard Span (according to my fiance he has a weird name) trapped a ball, original call overturned, two more runs for the Sox.

* Yesterday was mustache day at Yankee Stadium, 20,000 fake mustaches were given out to the fans to support Jason Giambi. The Yankees only need 20,000 as the women attending the game from the Bronx had plenty of real facial hair and had no need for the replica. Oh yeah and you can vote the cheating gold thong wearer into the All Star Game,. please go to so his "comeback" story can be shoved down your throat next week by Buck and McCarver. Yankees beat the Rays for the second straight game, the Rays lead is now down to 3 games.

* The real come back story continued in Texas last night as crack smoking Josh Hamilton hit a walk off home run off of KRod to give the Rangers the win. Hamilton now has 88 RBIs and 20 RBI's., too bad he is stuck on a team that has absolutely no pitching. Heard he found god this season, leading to the change of agents, I guess religion is better than crack. Barely.

* On a humorous note, Mark Mulder's arm fell off again yesterday after 16 pitches. Yesterday was Mulder's first start in two years and he failed to get out of the first inning. He is headed back to STL to have another MRI on his shoulder. I should probably feel bad about this....Hell 2 tha Naw.

* The New York Knicks were hit with a 19 million dollar luxury tax for Salary Cap violations. See even though he is no longer with the team, Isiah Thomas is a gift that keeps on giving.

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