Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

There are no sports tonight in Boston. And since FMRA isn't writing this you don't get the Joe Mauer picture. Sorry folks!

Since the Major League All Star Game leaves us with another void in our television/sports watching schedule I have a list of alternative activities that you can do to waste time tonight.

* Exercise- Ok, let's be realistic here I am going to guess that most people reading this blog haven't been to a gym in years. And if you have been to a gym it was probably to watch that blonde wearing the sports bra run on the treadmill and do groin crunches. Here is a suggestion, walk down the street to a CVS to get Sun Chips, or stroll to Dunkin Donuts for a Boston Creme donut. Hey walking is exercise and its better than sitting at home all night.

*Rent a movie- Here is the trick with renting a movie, remember that 98% of the DVD's Blockbuster owns are shit. Are you interested in seeing the Hills Have Eyes 3 or some movie about Toby Keith and a horse, fuck no. Look around, see if there is a movie there that you might be interested, usually I end up leaving Blockbuster pissed off. And don't even bother with On Demand, unless you are interested in Police Academy 2. Then again you could always rent Into the Blue, close your bedroom door and enjoy the night. Lord Jessica Alba in a bathing suit. Here's an early birthday present:

* Read a book. If you are like me your attention span has completely eroded and that won't work. But there are lots of other pretty picture books that you can look at. In fact if you have actually read this far in this column I would be impressed. Pat yourself on the back.

* Talk to and spend time with loved ones

* Video Games. What is cooler than rocking through some nasty Guns and Roses riffs in Guitar Hero or Rock Band?
1)Actually playing a guitar
2)Getting laid
Silently I admit that I own both of these games and have wasted countless hours on both

So there you have it, the Red Sox may be off tonight but your friends at MH have compiled a list of alternative activities you can do on a Thursday night. Some may sound interesting, and others may be not your cup of tea And as always if those ideas don't strike your fancy you can do what I always do: DRINK HEAVILY


futuremrsrickankiel said...

I exercise, hos.

Rocco said...

Misplaced anger HMLS? I watched Into the Blue the other night. Wasn't bad actually. And what a great game the 2 40's duct taped to the hands is.

/golfed, exericed, and read a book last night.

Rocco said...

* exericed? Exercised. I suck.