Friday, July 11, 2008

Boston Sports This Weekend!

Yay. As our entry into the All-Star Break, we get three of the 427 scheduled games (thank you so DAMNED MUCH, unbalanced schedule....) with those Paragons of Mid-Atlantic Averageness, the Balmer Orls. Your pitching matchups for the series: Clay Buchholz vs. Dave McNally tonight, Wakey Wakey vs. Mike Cuellar tomorrow night, and Mothra vs. Jim Palmer for Jockey Underwear Sunday afternoon. (Note: Listed Orioles pitchers are tentative.)

For the ladies....

Honestly, I'm not sure I can name any current Orioles other than MILLLAAHHHH, Melvin Mora, and Brian "I'm Not Bip" Roberts. And Nick Markakis, the Golden Greek 2k. They are, however, a decent enough team, despite being in last place in the division. They're only 2 games below .500 -- which, I believe, would put them in first in the NL West by about 5 games right now.


Frivolous Prop Bet of the Weekend: Clay Buchholz reveals to Heidi Watney (mmmm.... Heidi Watney) that he began an extramarital affair with Roger Clemens when he was 16 years old -- i.e. back in March.

Serious Prediction of the Weekend: I will learn the name of at least one more Oriole by the end of the weekend.

News update: After scoring Rob Bradford for their soon-to-be-relaunched website, WEEI today grabbed the in-contract-limbo Mike Felger from ESPN 890. I'll have more to say on this at some point.....

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