Monday, June 9, 2008

Well, That Could Have Gone Much Worse

With about eight minutes left in last night’s game, my roommate, who has very little clue as to even the basic rules of basketball, saw the score and asked me “so, the game is pretty much over, right?” She was right to think this, because I had actually leaned back in my chair for the first time all night, and was actually enjoying my mug of Andre rather than nervously gripping it. Also, she probably wanted to watch one of the 10 episodes of Sex and the City that she has clogging up our DVR and preclude me from recording my beloved nightly installments of AWA Championship Wrestling from 1988 that ESPN Classic so graciously airs on a nightly basis even though I JUST WANT TO WATCH SOME GODDAMNED MIDNIGHT ROCKERS MATCHES IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

*deep breath*

I however calmly reminded her that, despite there being eight minutes left, the Lakers were a very good team, and had very recently come back from a twenty-point deficit against the Spurs. I didn’t actually believe that the Lakers would come back, but it was an ample enough response to allow for disturbance-free watching of the game’s final few minutes, which would invariably be filled with little-used players getting time, C’s starters laughing on the bench, and a good time being had by all. (minus Laker fans)

Except that the Lakers started to score a few buckets. And then a few more. And then a few more. And as the lead started to evaporate, my roommate started to become genuinely concerned for the safety of our coffee table. When Breen mentioned that this could be “the greatest comeback in Finals history,” I became positively terrified. First the Patriots and now…blowing a 24-point lead? They couldn’t possibly….

They didn’t. Thank god.

Still, the fact that Our Beloved Green decided to mail in the last five minutes against a horribly frightening and talented Laker team is, as “Ted” Theodore Logan would say, “most un-triumphant.” It speaks to the coaching acumen of Doc Rivers (note: if the C’s win the finals, would Doc be the worst ever Finals-winning coach? Discuss) and the fact that these Lakers can fucking shoot when given the opportunity. Seven threes in one quarter? Unexcusable.

Still, the first three quarters of last night’s win provided enough goodwill to render the fourth-quarter 41-25 spread moot, and it is those positives that will be remembered in the forthcoming Celtics Championship DVD. Bad Motherfucker Leon Powe had 21 points on seven shots. Rondo had a Nash-esque 16 assists. The C’s shot 53% from the field. The Non-Caucasian Three played like a Big Three, combining for 62 points. The Celtics played great for three quarters last night, and that was good enough to win.

Look, I'm not trying to play the Shaughnessy role here and shit all over everyone's cereal, but I will say that I'm still not feeling warm and fuzzy. when I look at the remainder of this series. The C's had to win those first two games at home, and thankfully, they did, but then why am I still terrified? Maybe it’s the seven threes in the fourth quarter last night, a reminder that this Laker team is still more dangerous than Val Kilmer in an Air Force sauna. Maybe it’s the fact that Kobe Bryant is capable of scoring 50 at any time, and scored 30 on an off night yesterday. Maybe it’s the fact that the next three games are in L.A., and the C’s haven’t exactly been Road Warriors (or even Legion of Doom 2000) during these playoffs. Maybe I’m just neurotic and need to pop a Flexerall or eight to calm my nerves.

Either way, the real challenge starts Tuesday at the Staples Center. Win in L.A., and the series is basically over. Lose, and it'll be a long summer of DVR'd Midnight Rockers matches.

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SmartyBarrett said...

Another reason to be nervous: the officials owe the Lakers approximately 4,526 make-up calls.

(I rounded up)