Friday, June 13, 2008

Papelbon: "I Am Stupid And Want To Be Suspended."


I saw a report about this the other day, and wasn't going to mention it... but now it's gone national, and, well, there you go.


Jon, are you ASKING to miss a week? You don't TELL the other team that you're going to retaliate! YOU JUST DO IT!!!!!

You see what happens when we don't have Julian Tavarez around anymore to serve as the focusing lens of crazyism? We get our FREAKING CLOSER -- a non-trivial part of this FIRST PLACE TEAM -- going and practically begging the AL to discipline him. If you're Bob Watson, and you just handed out approximately 584 days of suspensions over a fight between these two teams, and now you've got Papelbon going all I'm-Gonna-Git-You-Sucka on the radio.... what are you going to do? I mean, you HAVE to at least say something, don't you?

Paps -- please, stop taking TMI lessons from Curt Schilling. Take a look at how Timlin would handle things. He'd give some bland comment, like "what's past is past, and we're just hoping that we can beat them straight up", then he'd GET OUT THE BOW, BABY. PTHWANG! And that would be the last we ever heard from Carl Crawford's kneecap, I tell you whut. You want some Timmah? You come GIT you some Timmah, you pansy ass bastards!

You best be watchin' where you put that hand, you pissant little fuck....

So mark down June 30th on your calendar, when the Sox head back into St. Pete to take on the Flatfish. Assuming Paps hasn't firebombed Scott Kasmir's Escalade by then, things should be fun.

Unless, you know, he's FUCKING SUSPENDED or something....



futuremrsrickankiel said...

batebaw gam

GHABB,Y~! said...

He's lucky he didn't threaten last year's Rays, or he would've found himself with some uncomfortable picture messages.

ejected fan said... is something you can't understand... How I could just kill a man!!!
-Cypress Hill(on repeat in Cinco ocho's iPOD)