Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nick Kazcur, youz a snitch....

Things are getting bad in Foxborough, another blemish has shown its ugly head, and again has embarrassed this once proud franchise. First we had Rodney Harrison and the HGH, then something about videotapes and offensive signals, Willie Andrews/Kevin Faulk and their love of the weed. This time the perp is Nick Kaczur lineman for the New England Patriots, who was arrested for drug possession after being pulled over for speeding in New York. Cops found ""small amount of controlled substance for which he did not have a prescription," and Nick was cited for having a Control Substance of the Seventh Degree which is a little less of an offense then having horse tranquilizers, injecting fetal blood, and licking Samoan Cane Toads. Luckily the news was not released to the public, but it looked like our knight in shining armor was in deep trouble, he could be facing federal drug charges, possible jail time and NFL sanctions, so he did what any upstanding citizen would do, he snitched.

Kazcur who obviously isn't "hip" to the streets did the unforgivable, he gave up his dealer to the "50". Wearing a wire, Rat Kazcur secretly taped three separate drug deals in gas station parking lots and at Shaws. This came to a surprise to most of us in New England, who thought most drugs deals were done at Market Basket and Hannafords (LSD and mushrooms are specific to Whole Foods). The decision to "snitch" was very short sighted for Kazcur, it did keep him out of jail, but this limits his ability to pledge with the Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, and La Costa Nostra.

Part of me feels for a guy like Kazcur, I can only imagine what the pain of getting hit by another 300 pound man must feel like and the fact it happens like 50 times a game must be a world of hurt. I don't blame him for taking some pain meds to take the edge off, hell I would be a comatose blob on this shit if I had to experience what he went through. But on the other hand, if he is hurting there are doctors out there who could prescribe these drugs legally, and not just the legitimate doctors, Kazcur has the money to find some shady doctors who will prescribe anything. This revelation will no doubt put a major strain on Kazcur's friendship with The Game and 50 Cent.

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